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Episode 4:

“Holding Two Concepts in One’s Mind”

Students, Teachers, Parents, Administrators— we are all interested in growth and change. In this episode of the Building Noble Hearts podcast, Sarah Bylander Montzka explains the skill we can all use of “holding two concepts in one’s mind at the same time.” By holding a vision of the future we can nurture growth in students, organizations, and ourselves. Click Here to listen to this and all the other episodes.

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to the 2017 recipients of Certificates of Achievement, Level One!
(July 2016 through June 2017)

Certificate Achievement Logo Sample

Ryan Caparella, Violin, IL
Lauren Cless, Violin, IL
Sarah Delevoryas, Violin, CO
Raphael Egidio, Violin, Brazil
Colleen Fitzgerald, Violin, WI
Avi Friedlander, Cello, AL
Susanne Garber, Violin, MI
Daniela Gongora, Violin, CT
Lisa L. Hansen, Violin, OR
Christa Muller Hendricks, Violin, MA
Kate Jones, Bass, TX
Danielle Gomez Kravitz – Viola, CA
Julianne Murphy, Violin, DE
Thomas William Schoen, Violin, AB

Successful Leadership Retreat 2017!

Leadership Retreat 2017—Facebook

More than ever before, contagious energy filled the days as we worked together—melding our ideas and dreams to create a bright future for Suzuki in the Americas. Heartfelt thanks to those whose advance planning helped make the weekend special and thanks to those members and guests who provided extended workshop-style sessions for our learning and enjoyment. Do you have new ideas you want to share? Click here!

Did you catch some great pictures at the Retreat? Share them here!

2017 Retreat Piano Group


Institute season is…

North Carolina Suzuki Institute

… well under way, but there are still some opportunities to register, especially as an observer! Find date, place, and contact info here.

Upcoming opportunities

Every Child Can!

Looking for an Every Child Can course?

Upcoming classes start on June 21, June 23, June 24, June 25, June 29, July 1, July 5, July 7, July 8, July 10, July 14, July 15, July 16, and beyond.

Find details and more under the “Quick Links” column on the SAA website homepage!

Our Global SAA Community

The 2017 Leadership Retreat nurtured connections and collaborations with teachers across North, Central, and South America! A warm welcome was especially extended to the pioneering and far-traveling teachers from Latin America.


Pictured: Marilyn O’Boyle (U.S.), Lorena Leal, (MX), Leslie Mizrahi (MX), Maria Luisa (Lucha) del Rio (Peru), Caroline Fraser (Peru), Luciana Castillo (Brazil/Peru),  Andrea Raza (Ecuador), Blancamaria Montecinos (Chile)

Other participants (not shown): Rosana Garbin, Raphael Egidio, and Fernanda da Castro (all from Brazil)

Instruments represented from the group were Piano, Early Childhood, Flute, Recorder, and Violin.

Group Class at Londrina’s Botanical Garden

Group Class at Londrina’s Botanical Garden

“In one of our monthly group classes in 2015 we performed and developed activities at the Botanical Garden of our city, Londrina (Brazil). In this picture we were developing an exercise on the bow hold, and it represents how funny can it be to learn good holding postures. A lot of people come to visit the Botanical Gardens, and in that weekend, they could be in touch with violin music and the Suzuki Method!”

Image by Brenno Castello Branco Lopes

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? ShortScore wants to feature pictures from your community!

Your SAA Membership Opportunity

At every summer institute, all Suzuki teachers have the chance to gather at an SAA Focus Group meeting. At these vibrant, collaborative meetings, we discuss current questions and ideas. The Board and Staff appreciate hearing the ideas and suggestions from everyone who attends. The ideas brought up—whether new or recycled—can be interesting and helpful to everyone. We hope that you will feel supported and inspired by seeing what is working in other teachers’ studios.

Take advantage of this opportunity provided by membership, and be sure to lend your voice to the discussions at the Institute Focus Group meeting!

Get Involved

Get your students ready!

Fall will be here before you know it, so get students prepared now to audition for ensembles, master classes, and orchestras! Details coming in July for the 18th annual conference, Thursday May 24-Monday May 28 in Minneapolis, MN!

There’s a conversation waiting for you

in the SAA Forums.

Teacher’s Corner

How do you teach a student with a broken arm? Have ideas on how to talk about note taking in lessons with parents? Join the discussion in the Teacher’s Corner!

Suzuki Forum

How do you talk to families about the importance of group class? Need advice for working with 3 year olds? Questions about violin scales and arpeggios? Join the discussion in the Suzuki Forums!

The Time is Now

to start planning for a fall SPA course!

Spa Email

Suzuki Program Directors, Suzuki School Administrators, Chapter Affiliate Boards, Local Suzuki Teachers Groups, and others!

Experience hassle-free planning & fret-less hosting—who doesn’t like that?

  • See improvements in teacher/parent cooperation.
  • Watch new collegial connections develop.
  • Raise the levels of excellence achieved in your own teaching.

The SAA needs YOU to host a 2-day SPA course at your school or other program facility!

You provide the location, help spread the word, and brew the coffee. The SAA does almost all of the planning——registrations, contracts, travel & more!

Suzuki Principles in Action © (SPA) may be offered from September through early April. SPA welcomes all Suzuki instrumental, vocal, and Early Childhood teachers who meet the minimum requirements. PLAN NOW! Click here for more about the course, or call the SAA Office for further details.

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