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Hilary Hahn Suzuki Violin Recordings

Suzuki Violin School Book Cd

The International Suzuki Association, in conjunction with Alfred Music, is pleased to announce the highly anticipated recordings of the Suzuki Violin School, Volumes 1–3 by internationally renowned violinist, Hilary Hahn in collaboration with pianist Natalie Zhu.
The new recordings and the Suzuki Violin School International Editions are available as:

Violin Part Book, Piano Accompaniment Book, Violin Part Book & CD, and CD only. The recordings feature tracks that include violin and piano, as well as piano accompaniment only tracks for play-along purposes. They are now available for teaching and practice purposes in SmartMusic, available for digital download on, and will soon be available on iTunes and Amazon.

Celebrating 30 years

International Research Symposium on Talent Education – ONLINE!

International Research Symposium on Talent Education Logo—Square

The International Research Symposium on Talent Education (IRSTE) is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Though our May meeting was cancelled, we are now pleased to welcome all researchers, teachers, parents, and inquiring minds to join us for a series of four 90-minute Zoom sessions from August 15-21, 2020.

Sessions on August 15, 17, and 19 will include scholarly research relevant to Suzuki teaching, as well as practical topics like motivation, self-regulation, and parent education. For our session August 21, we are very pleased to welcome back Dr. Beatriz Ilari, a university professor, researcher, and Suzuki parent who gave our 2018 lecture. Her 2020 keynote Does Participation in Formal Music Education Programs Enhance Children’s Prosocial Skills? will be followed by an online discussion session where participants may come together to answer questions and discuss applying study results. Teachers and parents who had looked forward to Dr. Ilari’s keynote at the 2020 Conference, will have the opportunity to sign up for that session only on the 21st.

Registration for the online symposium is now open via the SAA website. Click here to register! For more information and a detailed schedule, please visit We hope you will join us for this exciting anniversary celebration!

Chopsticks from the recent Capulitaki ensemble recital (Peru)

Thanks to Capulifamilias and Teachers:Yarina Pinto, Annika Petrozzi, Cristina Pinto, Naumarys Martinez and Kike Pinto Cárdenas!

Credits: Arrangement and video editing: Kike Pinto Cárdenas. Audio editing: Amaru Pinto.


SAA Annual Meeting

The board was pleased that 320 members attended the Annual Meeting on July 12, 2020. To view the meeting click here.

Board Listening Forum for Latin American Members

Videos and transcripts from the Latin American Forum on June 21, 2020 are available by clicking here.

Suzuki Online Seminars—Logo White Highlight

SOS: Seminarios Suzuki en Línea

Profesora de Piano Suzuki (SAA Libro 6/7)
Profesora Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SAA Nivel 4/5)

Ante esta situación de salud que se está viviendo globalmente, la Asociación Suzuki de las Américas tuvo la maravillosa idea de crear los Seminarios Suzuki en Línea—SOS
por sus siglas en inglés- ofreciendo así a los profesores Suzuki la posibilidad de mantener su capacitación continua ante la suspensión de los cursos de entrenamiento presenciales.

¡Qué gran acierto! Qué excelente manera de seguir alimentando no solo el conocimiento, nuestra mente, sino también nuestro espíritu a través de estos cortos seminarios, de sólo 5 horas, que se convierten en un cántaro de agua fresca que nos llena de ánimo, inspiración y energía, y que nos permiten seguir nuestra capacitación continua para así seguir enseñando a nuestros alumnos.

Suzuki Online Seminars (SOS)—Final Month

The Suzuki Online Seminars (SOS) have been amazing! A few openings still remain for the month of August. We have had tremendous participation so far and hope to end strong.

SOS sessions are interactive, small (6 participants maximum), and 5 hours total, They are offered over two days’ time and are intended to enhance unit training, not to replace it. Pre-requisites are ECC or Filosofía and Unit One.

Note: Watch the SAA website for listings of Online Teacher Training, with revised ECC Online opportunities to begin in September, and other book units—with online revisions—being scheduled to take place in fall and/or winter months.


Committee News

Suzuki in the Schools
The Suzuki in the Schools Committee recently sponsored its first online event this summer. They described their past work and shared their vision for providing access to students and families in both school and group settings. Through future communications they hope to share collective knowledge and expertise and to expand, connect, and celebrate the many ways SiS can provide greater access to Suzuki education. Watch for updates as the Committee’s work moves forward!

Questions? Contact us here:

Suzuki Early Childhood Education
As previously announced, the US/CAN SECE Revisions Committee is at work on revisions to the original SECE repertoire (songs and rhymes). This committee is seeking ideas from consultants of diverse backgrounds, in order to recognize, honor, and address all aspects of diversity within our region. Sharon Jones and Lynn McCall are co-chairs; their work is officially underway.

Attention SECE Teachers: Take the opportunity to hear Dr. Beatriz Ilari, originally scheduled for an SECE session in May, offering a keynote for the IRSTE event. See above!

ISA Violin Committee
Edits for the new International Edition of Volumes 9 and 10 are in final proof by the ISA Violin Committee. The Committee expects publication of both volumes by Alfred before the end of 2020.

Communications Updates:

If you are not receiving messages from the SAA, remember that you can always update your email and web settings under your SAA Account. You also may wish to add the domain to your email providers whitelist and add the email address to your contacts. If your mailbox is full or your email provider has overly aggressive SPAM settings, messages might not be delivered because of your email provider. All messages sent by the SAA are DKIM verified and signed and sent through Amazon AWS.


Spring Twilight Drive-In Graduation Concert

Spring Twilight Drive-In Graduation Concert

This is a little write up of the concert we called “Spring Twilight Drive-In Graduation Concert” by the students of Cathy Butler in Cathy’s Violin Studio:

Last month we had our first Covid-19 friendly drive-in concert and in August we will have another. On Saturday May 23 at twilight, we performed our graduation pieces (just as we would have for the annual Suzuki Graduation Concert in Davis/Weber Utah Area during April, had it not been cancelled). It was really fun to do this as a studio on a more local level for the first time ever! Families were able to stay in their cars to watch and listen. We are making the most of our limited opportunities to perform by getting creative. My own child graduated 2 levels this year and I couldn’t be more proud of him and all my students for their amazing achievements! My studio collectively graduated from about 30 levels, all of them approved through a rigorous recording and approval process by the dedicated teachers in our area. Congratulations Suzuki Graduates!!!

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Submit your own picture today!

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