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In case you missed it, here’s a message from our new ED, Angelica Cortez

Angelica Cortez

Hello from my first month in office! I am so grateful to have received several messages from our members, welcoming me, and offering insights and hopes for the future of our organization.

Over the coming months, there will be more opportunities for us to hear from one another, and for us to collaborate in building toward our future. For me, Dr. Suzuki’s insistence that all young people are capable and deserving of music education, and his commitment to prioritizing love and humanity in his work are what make me confident that our work is necessary in this critical moment for music education.

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Would you like to hear more directly from SAA Director Angelica Cortez? Would you like to ask her a question or tell her something that is important to you? 

On March 10, 2022, at 9:00am PT/ 12:00pm ET, we will hold our first SAA Community Gathering event! Save the date and then stay tuned to the SAA website and Facebook Page for more information on how to attend and links for how to submit your questions (forms will be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French by Thursday, 3/3). 

A summary of the casual gathering plus links to a recording of the session will be available for those who aren’t able to attend in real-time.

We believe that regular sessions will create a stronger community, and encourage our membership to show up with kindness, curiosity, and generosity. We are excited to see you there!

AH Suzuki Photo

The International Suzuki Association, in conjunction with Alfred Music, is pleased to announce the highly anticipated recordings of the Suzuki Violin School, Volumes 4–6 by internationally renowned violinist, Augustin Hadelich in collaboration with pianist Kuang-Hao Huang.

The ISA Violin Committee is indebted to violinist Augustin Hadelich and pianist Kuang-Hao Huang for their exacting standards during the exhausting recording sessions for Volumes 4–6. These performers brought tremendous energy, artistry, and dedication to bear in all aspects of their collaboration for these recordings. Augustin expressed many times his appreciation for the honor of being selected as the recording artist, and for the opportunity to make a lasting contribution to the world-wide Suzuki community. These are recordings that students, parents, and teachers will enjoy listening to for years to come.

The new recordings will replace all existing ones associated with the Suzuki Violin School International Editions, Volumes 4–6. Upon release, recordings will be available on CD and via digital download and for teaching and practice purposes within SmartMusic.

Stay tuned for more information about this release coming in spring!

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) Logo

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) focuses upon the art of Suzuki teaching, and is open to those who have registered Unit 1, taught at least one year, and have a current studio. Its cross-instrument format addresses how to teach, not what to teach, and allows for the sharing of ideas among teachers of all Suzuki instruments and specialty areas. As one veteran teacher said, “SPA affirms our beliefs in the Suzuki philosophy and empowers us to continue to grow and be even more productive in our teaching and outreach.” (Betsy Stuen-Walker)

New! SPA is available in-person or now online! Current courses include:

April 1-2-3 with Beth Titterington (SAGA host)

April 2-3-10 with Mark Mutter (SAO host)

More courses coming! Check out further information by visiting:

Please contact the SAA office directly if you are interested in hosting a SPA course, either in person or online.


The ISA and SAA Viola Committees, with assistance from viola teachers worldwide, have collected a new resource list of supplementary repertoire for Books 6, 7, 8, and 9:

Supplementary Viola Repertoire, Books 6-9


The January 2022 issue of the International Suzuki Journal is online. Read for updates from the Americas, Europe, Singapore, and Japan. 


We are saddened to share the passing of Suzuki trailblazer Lorraine Fink, renowned SAA Suzuki pedagogue and one of the first Suzuki violin teachers in the United States. She will be honored in a future issue of The American Suzuki Journal. Read a note from the ISA about her passing.


The August issue of the American Suzuki Journal will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the SAA, honoring our history and recognizing our future. The SAA wants to hear from you, our members, about what you’re most proud of and where you see the future of our organization. If you would like to be published in the special issue of the ASJ, please send up to 200 words to no later than May 1 responding to the following prompts:

  • What accomplishments, events, or moments in the past 50 years have made you proud to be an SAA member?

  • 50 years from now, where would you like to see the SAA?

If you have high-quality photos from the last 50 years that you would like to see in print, please send them to All people pictured will need to sign a photo release form.

Additionally, the next issue of the ASJ is coming to your mailbox soon. In your copy, you’ll find:

  • A debut interview with Executive Director Angelica Cortez

  • Strategies for using audiation to help students engage with their playing

  • An argument for Reflective Partnership Teaching

  • A teacher’s thoughts on nurturing studio parents by love

And so much more! Support your colleagues and friends by reading their work.


With the start of the new SAA Executive Director Angelica Cortez on January 31, we’re excited to also announce the new SAA Communications Team!

Certainty and fairness are the leading values of the team which consists of the Executive Director, the board, the office staff, and other professionals such as the SAA’s legal council.

Read the full announcement here:


At its January 2022 meeting, the Canadian Suzuki Visioning Committee chose its new name: Suzuki Music/Musique Canada. On the path to a future country association, which grew from discussions amongst the Canadian Suzuki e-Newsletter Committee, Suzuki Music/Musique Canada, is committed to developing and supporting quality Suzuki music education in Canada.

For more information about our exciting future plans, please consult our website at our new link:

Annonce canadienne

Lors de sa réunion de janvier 2022, le comité visionnaire de l’éducation Suzuki  a choisi son nouveau nom: Suzuki Music/Musique Canada. Sur la voie d’une future association nationale, issue des discussions du comité de l’Infolettre Suzuki canadienne, Suzuki Music/Musique Canada s’engage à développer et à soutenir une éducation musicale Suzuki de qualité au Canada.

Pour plus d’informations sur nos excitants projets futurs, veuillez consulter notre site internet à notre nouveau lien:


Canadian Suzuki Trainers held their second virtual meeting in late January with almost all SAA Canadian teacher trainers in attendance.

The meeting included discussions on training challenges unique to Canada (our geography, distances), examining ways we could facilitate training accessibility and reduce costs for teachers living in remote areas, as well as addressing the urgent need for more pedagogical materials in French, including observation videos with French subtitles. 

We reaffirmed our commitment to integrate DEIA (Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, Accessibility) into the core development of our vision for our new association (Suzuki Music/Musique Canada). We also discussed how certain aspects of the Latin American and European training programs could be incorporated into future Canadian training offerings.

A third meeting is planned for early spring to continue discussions on the many innovative and exciting training suggestions presented at this meeting.

Suzuki Music/Musique Canada Trainer Committee

Paule Barsalou, Karen-Michele Kimmett, Gail Lange, Joanne Martin, Kathleen Schoen

Rapport de la réunion des formateurs Suzuki canadiens de janvier

Les formateurs Suzuki canadien ont tenu leur deuxième réunion virtuelle à la fin du mois de janvier avec la participation de presque tous les formateurs canadiens de la SAA.

La réunion a inclus des discussions sur les défis de formation uniques au Canada (notre géographie, les distances), en examinant les façons dont nous pourrions faciliter l’access à la formation et réduire les coûts pour les enseignants vivant dans des régions éloignées, ainsi qu’en abordant le besoin urgent de plus de matériel pédagogique en français, en incluent des vidéos de leçons à observer avec sous-titres en français. 

Nous avons réaffirmé notre engagement à intégrer le DEIA (Diversité, Égalité, Inclusion, Accessibilité) au cœur du développement de notre vision pour notre nouvelle association (Suzuki Music/Musique Canada). Nous avons également discuté de la façon dont certains aspects des programmes de formation latino-américains et européens pourraient être intégrés aux futures offres de formation canadiennes.

Une troisième réunion est prévue au début du printemps pour poursuivre la discussion sur les nombreuses suggestions de formation novatrices et excitantes présentées lors de cette réunion.

Comité des formateurs de Suzuki Music/Musique Canada

Paule Barsalou, Karen-Michele Kimmett, Gail Lange, Joanne Martin, Kathleen Schoen


We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Submit your own picture today!

If you are interested in becoming a Premier Business Member please contact Terrence McKenzie.

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