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January 2013
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Parents as Partners Online 2013

Back by popular demand! The third season of Parents as Partners Online will launch February 18, running through June 30, 2013.

Parents as Partners Online (PPO) is a series of short online videos for Suzuki parents and teachers, with topics including practicing tips and ideas, getting the most out of Summer Institutes, guiding your child in problem solving and goal setting, and Suzuki philosophy.

This year’s event will include many new video talks for parents, as well as the return of favorites from the past. Check back soon for a list of confirmed presenters.

Register now to gather fresh ideas on numerous Suzuki-related topics!

Register for Parents as Partners Online

Leadership Retreat Registration Coming Soon

Registration and more information will be available online by February 1.

Check the Leadership Retreat website next week for those updates.


A Call to Action

2009 Minijournal cover contest 3rd place finalist.

2009 Minijournal cover contest 3rd place finalist.

Image by Abby Friesen-Johnson

by Heather Watson Hardie

Six weeks and three days ago, I almost died. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. I was a little over six weeks pregnant: I lost the baby and almost my life. If not for an emergency surgery, I would not be here. One week later, forty minutes from my home in Connecticut, a very sick young man murdered twenty-six people, most of them children. Extreme situations can sometimes bring about clarity of purpose and emphasize what truly is important.

I believe that more than ever before, children need Suzuki education. Suzuki principles teach empathy, love, understanding, hard work, problem-solving skills, and respect for all. I think all Suzuki students are so incredibly lucky to get this kind of education—and from their own parents no less. What a gift! And why do they get this gift? Because their parents love them so much that they make huge sacrifices to make this educational and moral gift to their children. And it all comes from love. Children can then take these tools and all this love and help make this world a better place.

Why, then, did I title this “A Call to Action?” Because we need more Suzuki teachers and we need to become the best, highest level teachers we can possibly be. We also need to encourage each other to grow and become better at every possible opportunity. So hang on: I’m going to take every possible excuse, every possible reason that I have ever heard a teacher use (or have thought myself) as to why they are not more involved in the Suzuki community and I am going to refute that reason.

Read more of A Call to Action


High Notes: Getting to Know Your Horsehair

Horsehair Bow

Horsehair Bow

Image by Susan Baer

Fourth in an Educational Series sponsored by Robertson and Sons Violin Shop

Have you ever imagined what the horse that donated its tail for your bow hair looks like? Where does it live? Is it a mare or a stallion?

Here are some interesting facts that might help you get to know your horse.

Read more of Getting to Know Your Horsehair


Scholarship Applications due February 5

Scholarship applications for North American institutes, long-term study and unit workshop courses for the 2013 season are due February 5, 2013. Late applications will not be accepted.

Awards for unit training range from $300 to $500. Results will be announced in mid-March.

See scholarship application requirements

Upcoming Suzuki Principles in Action Courses

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) Logo

February 16-17, State College, PA
Sign up closes January 28.

February 16-17, Hingham, MA
Sign up closes January 28.

What is SPA?
Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) is a course designed to help teachers incorporate Suzuki’s principles effectively in their teaching. The course focuses on how to teach, not what to teach, and to allow for the sharing of ideas among all instrument areas. It is based on Dr. Suzuki’s belief that knowledge is an important first step, but “knowledge plus 10,000 times” is what produces ability.


Upcoming Events

See all upcoming events

SAA Calendar
Jan 31: Mini Online Conference Ends
Feb 1: ASJ 41.3 Submission Deadline
Feb 1: Newsletter Submission Deadline
Feb 5: Scholarship Application Deadline

Suzuki String School of Guelph

Guelph, ON Jan 27
Every Child Can!

Festival Internacional Suzuki Guanajuato

Guanajuato, GTO, Mexico Feb 1 – 4

Suzuki School of Newton

Newtonville, MA Feb 4 – Jun 17
Piano 1
Violin 1

Virginia Harp Center

Midlothian, VA Feb 9 – 10
Every Child Can!

Suzuki Fest Costa Rica

Heredia, Costa Rica Feb 10 – 17
Cello 1
Guitar 2
Violin 1

University of Denver

Denver, CO Feb 12 – Mar 19
Cello 8
Violin 3, 7

Western Springs School of Talent Education

Western Springs, IL Feb 12 – May 1
Violin 3,
Violin 5,
Violin 9-10, Feb 14-18

South Shore Conservatory

Hingham, MA Feb 16 – 17
Suzuki Principles in Action

Centre County Chapter of the Central PA Suzuki Assn.

Snow Shoe, PA Feb 16 – 17
Suzuki Principles in Action

Neighborhood Music School

New Haven, CT Feb 17
Every Child Can!

Middle Tennessee Suzuki Association

Nashville, TN Feb 17 – 21
The 27th Annual Course in Techniques, Creating Eager, Talented Learners: Review of Suzuki Violin Units 1-4

Heart of America Suzuki Association

Prairie Village, KS Feb 23
HASA 33rd Annual Winter Workshop: Bass, Cello, Suzuki Early Childhood Education, Viola, Violin

Houston Area Suzuki Piano Association

Houston, TX Feb 26 – Mar 2
Piano 3

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