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May 2011
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134 new members joined the SAA in April. Welcome!

In this issue:

  • SAA Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Visick
  • Suzuki Student Writing Contest Results
  • American Suzuki Journal Call for Submissions
  • Student 2012 Conference Opportunities

SAA Volunteer Spotlight: Jennifer Visick

SAA Volunteer Spotlight

This new Suzuki E-News feature will spotlight a different SAA volunteer or group of volunteers each month. We’re grateful for their contributions to the organization, and they deserve recognition! To nominate a volunteer to be featured in the SAA Volunteer Spotlight, email .

This month’s SAA Volunteer Spotlight features Jennifer Visick, a moderator of the Suzuki Xchange, the SAA’s chat community.

Tell us about yourself—your studio, your background, and how you became involved with Suzuki.

I grew up taking Suzuki violin lessons because a friend of my mother’s convinced her to enroll me at age three and a half. I made the switch to study viola when I was in high school, ended up as a BM viola performance major in college and started teaching music at that time. Soon after graduating, I took a Suzuki teacher training course, which really opened my eyes to all the “behind-the-scenes” planning and work that went into the Suzuki lessons I had taken as a child. I got a lot out of the part of Suzuki teacher training that involved observing other teachers, and I continued taking Suzuki training courses whenever I could.

Right now, I work as a viola and violin teacher in the Pasadena Suzuki Music Program (PSMP)—it’s the same Suzuki program that I grew up in as a child! I love that I’ve been able to come full circle and help that program continue to teach the next generation of young families to learn to make music “in the Suzuki style.”

In addition to working with PSMP group classes, I’ve got about ten viola and violin students in my studio right now, but also about 120 public school students in a beginning violin (Suzuki in the Schools-style) program that I’m running with another PSMP teacher this spring. I also coach/conduct a youth orchestra once a week and round out my teaching by volunteering as a Sunday School teacher at my church.

For those who don’t know—what is the Suzuki Xchange?

The Suzuki Xchange forum is a place online where we can discuss all manner of things related to Suzuki teaching and learning. That includes a lot of specifically Suzuki things but also topics that are more generally related to music, teaching, or raising kids. Right now it’s divided into three sections—a general forum, a teacher forum for posts or questions directed at teachers, and a parent forum for posts or questions directed at Suzuki parents.

Read the rest of Jennifer’s interview


Suzuki Student Writing Contest Results

Thank you to all who participated and entered the Suzuki Student Writing Contest. We received more than 50 entries, and each one was a joy to read. It’s magnificent to see some of the many talents of Suzuki students on display.

Many thanks also to parents and teachers who promoted the contest and assisted students in preparing their entries.

We are proud to announce the winners and finalists of the 2011 Suzuki Student Writing Contest.

See writing contest winners

American Suzuki Journal Call for Submissions

The American Suzuki Journal depends on volunteer submission for the majority of its articles.

If you are interested in submitting a Suzuki-related article, please email the editor at

Deadline for submissions for the next issue (39.4) is June 1.


Student 2012 Conference Opportunities

The student participation requirements for the 2012 Conference (May 24-28) are now posted.

Applications will be accepted starting August 1st, but take a look at the criteria now so you can start practicing!

Auditions will be conducted for the following student events:

  • Chamber Music Preformed Groups
  • Master Classes (all instruments)
  • Flute Performing Ensemble
  • Recorder Consort
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Bass Choir
  • Suzuki Youth Orchestras of the Americas, 1 and 2
  • International Ensembles Concert
  • Piano Concerto (requirements to be posted later)

See Student 2012 Conference Opportunities


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