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Dear Suzuki Community:

I cannot believe we are at the end of the year! This past month has been wonderful, as it offered several opportunities to connect. Our Online Teacher Development feedback sessions showed no shortage of great ideas. We will offer a summary of notes in the month ahead. It’s evident that our community is excited to think together about how best to respond to the changes that have taken place over the last several years. We also had incredibly valuable conversations at our first-ever Suzuki in Action! session, done in partnership with Alfred Music. If you missed it, you can watch the recording at the link below.

We want to encourage you to join our second Suzuki in Action! session on January 7th, 2023. You can also join in the conversation at our next Community Gathering taking place in February, which will offer further opportunities for us to learn from one another. Finally, please be sure to take a look at our Membership Survey, open through February 28, 2023. You can view dates, times, and registration links for all events below!

Coming up on the end of this year has offered me—like many of you—almost no time to reflect on the past year. The whirlwind that comes along with the month of December seems to sweep away any moment for pause. I’ve just returned to Los Angeles from a whirlwind trip to Chicago. I’ll include more about this in our next newsletter, but I feel it’s important to share that I’m constantly inspired by our community. I hope that each of you has time to be around those who inspire, reinvigorate, and energize you. Among many highlights of my 2022 year is joining a community of learners. Thank you for being a part of my year. I’ll look forward to seeing you in the new year!


Angelica Cortez
Executive Director
Suzuki Association of the Americas

The Suzuki Association of the Americas and Alfred Music Present—Suzuki in Action!
SSA Webinar DigitalAssets V2 Email

The SAA and Alfred Music are partnering to offer members of the Suzuki community a webinar series that aims to create space for those committed to the Suzuki philosophy, music education, and lifelong learning. With opportunities for students, parents, and teachers, each session challenges artists to think creatively and build better musical practices in community with one another.

In case you missed it, you can view our first Suzuki in Action! session, titled Equity-centered Practice and Suzuki Part 1, below!

SAVE THE DATE: Equity-Centered Practice Part 2
Registration will open soon.
January 7th, 2022
10a-11a PT | 12-1p CT | 1-2p ET

Equity Centered Practice & Suzuki Part 2
Led by Tiffany Rice

Tiffany Rice is with us again for a follow up to December’s successful Part 1 Webinar. Our first session covered basic principles of equity and equlity and their relevance to Suzuki education, along with a few practices to take home. Join us as we continue to engage with questions such as: How can we create more inclusive learning spaces? What does the Suzuki philosophy offer us in understanding equity-centered practice? Why is it essential to think about creating belonging in your classrooms?

News & Events at the SAA

The SAA offices will be closed from 12/23/22—1/1/23. As always, you can email with any questions or concerns. Because the offices will be closed during this time, we kindly ask for your patience as we get back to you beginning in the new year!

The SAA is building a new website—one that we hope will make things a bit easier! This website will launch in Spring 2023. Have particular considerations you’d love for us to consider? Please offer your thoughts here!

You can still sign up for virtual coffee with our Executive Director! If you’d like to connect with Angelica you can sign up here—bring coffee & have a chat! She has loved hearing from each of you.

SPA Course Coming Up!
The SAA will be offering a Suzuki Principles in Action February 10-12, 2023! You can register for the course on the SAA website. Sign up soon to hold your spot!

SAA Community Gatherings

Join us at our next Community Gathering February 23, 2023! SAA Community gatherings are a time for us to connect as a community—to hear about recent updates and share time and space together. Have questions you’d like to have answered by our Executive Director? You can register for the meeting, and submit questions at the links below!

Meeting Date:
February 23, 2023 9-10a PT| 11a-12p CT| 12-1p ET
Register Here [button]
Have a question? Submit it here.

In case you missed it, we have Community Guidelines for any time members of our community come together. We encourage you to reference this in hosting community meetings, and, of course, always welcome feedback on our guidelines! **

American Suzuki Journal - Call for Submissions

Building Bridges

Creating meaningful connections is central to Suzuki teaching, whether between students and teachers, parents and students, or throughout our communities. This idea also extends to our collaborations with other educators and organizations. For our next issue, the American Suzuki Journal is seeking articles based around the theme of Building Bridges. How can we connect with other organizations, and how can Suzuki become a larger part of musical education in this world? What can we do to support the work in other fields? What do we have to learn from others, and what do they have to learn from us? Building bridges allows for the exchange of ideas in both directions, so we welcome perspectives from both within and beyond the Suzuki community.

Submissions are due December 30th, 2022. Further information and the submission form can be found here.

To share ideas, general inquiries, or just to say hi, please contact Andrew Braddock, the editor of the ASJ, at .

Member Survey

Take our member survey! This survey aims to get a general temperature check on the SAA. There are 22 questions total, and we anticipate the survey will take between 10-15 minutes. The survey is completely anonymous and will allow members to offer their feedback anonymously. The survey will close February 28, 2022. We will report key findings in the Spring.

Year-end Fundraising Update!

You may have heard already—we made our goal! The staff, our board, and especially our scholarship recipients are blown away by the generosity of our community. We are so grateful to everyone who donated and supported the Suzuki Association of the Americas. Your donations will ensure more teachers have access to Suzuki education this year, and we know the ripple effects our exceptional musical training has on students, parents, and families across the Americas.

If you’re still considering a donation, please join the movement—it’s not too late and every dollar makes a difference! You can visit this link to support the SAA.

From the bottom of our hearts—THANK YOU!


Suzuki—The Man and His Dream to Teach the Children of the World

Harvard University Press is offering a special discount to members of the Suzuki Association of the Americas! Order your copy of the new book Suzuki: The Man and His Dream to Teach the Children of the World by Eri Hotta and receive 30% off the cover price. Use code HOL22 at checkout.

Board News

We have had a busy start to our fiscal year and want to start by thanking all who contributed (or plan to contribute!) to our year-end fundraiser. We are humbled to see such a beautiful outpouring of support from our members. Thank you!

Our last board meeting included training on Board Governance offered by Cara Lawrence, Esq. We covered issues related to Board responsibilities, fiduciary responsibility, and navigating conflict and difference. We also heard from our Finance and Communications committees during our meeting. Each committee continues to work toward their respective goals. After a long period of transition, we are happy to share that the Board of Directors is meeting on a bimonthly basis to allow for committee meetings to take place in between and for our Executive Director to focus on executing the current policies in place. We continue to build upon an incredible foundation of Suzuki legacy, and are energized as we head into a new year.

Noticias de América Latina

¡Noticias desde Santiago de Chile!

La Fundación Cultural Cromatic y su proyecto Cromatic Academia Suzuki, tuvo la alegría de organizar y realizar un Play In Suzuki el pasado 22 de octubre, en la ciudad de Santiago de Chile. Este evento reunió 9 profesores de violín y un profesor de violoncello.Se logró una convocatoria de más de 70 niños y niñas tocando juntos el repertorio Suzuki. Por primera vez desde la pandemia pudieron reunirse a hacer música con estudiantes y profesores, generando un hermoso ambiente junto a sus familiares y amigos. Este Play-In constituyó un gran reencuentro musical para todos quienes conforman el triángulo Suzuki en esta comunidad.Encuentro de Estudiantes Suzuki en Brasil

El 8 de octubre se realizó un Encuentro de Estudiantes Suzuki en la ciudad de Indaiatuba, estado de São Paulo. Este evento fue planificado y organizado por el profesor Ricardo Sander, quien logró reunir estudiantes y maestros Suzuki de diferentes ciudades como Campinas, São Carlos, Matão, Americana, Francisco Morato y Da Capital de São Paulo. Fue una tarde llena de música, y de interacción con estudiantes y families. Además de las presentaciones de las orquestas del Centro Suzuki de Indaiatuba y São Carlos, y del grupo de violines de la Escuela de Música Suzuki de São Paulo, el Encuentro contó con la participación especial del payaso Azevedo, representado por Mauro Braga, quien también es un maestro Suzuki, en honor al Día del Niño. El Encuentro contó con un total de 93 estudiantes de violín, 8 estudiantes de violonchelo, 4 estudiantes de viola y un total de 16 profesores de violín, viola, violonchelo y piano.

¡105 personas presentes en el escenario!! ¡Fue una tarde inolvidable que quedará en la memoria de todos quienes participaron!

Notícias de Santiago do Chile!

A Fundação Cultural Cromatic e seu projeto Cromatic Academia Suzuki, tiveram a alegria de organizar e realizar uma apresentação Suzuki no dia 22 de outubro, na cidade de Santiago do Chile. Este evento reuniu 9 professores de violino e um professor de violoncelo. Neste encontro, mais de 70 meninos e meninas tocaram juntos o repertório Suzuki. Pela primeira vez desde a pandemia eles puderam se encontrar para fazer música com alunos e professores, criando um belo ambiente com seus familiares e amigos. Esta apresentação foi um grande reencontro musical para todos aqueles que compõem o triângulo Suzuki nesta comunidade.

Encontro de Estudantes Suzuki no Brasil

No dia 08 de outubro foi realizado na cidade de Indaiatuba, estado de São Paulo, um Encontro de Alunos Suzuki. Idealizado e organizado pelo Professor Ricardo Sander, que reuniu alunos e professores Suzuki de diversas cidades como Campinas, São Carlos, Matão, Americana, Francisco Morato e da Capital de São Paulo. Foi uma tarde recheada de muita música, interação com alunos e com as famílias. Além das apresentações das orquestras do Centro Suzuki de Indaiatuba e de São Carlos, e do grupo de violinos da Escola de Música Suzuki de São Paulo, o Encontro contou com a participação especial do palhaço Azevedo, representado por Mauro Braga, que também é professor Suzuki, em homenagem ao dia das crianças. O Encontro contou com um total de 93 alunos de violinos, 8 de cellos, 4 de violas e um total de 16 professores de violino, viola, cello e piano. 105 pessoas presentes no palco!!! Foi uma tarde memorável que ficará para sempre na lembrança de todos que participaram!

News from Santiago de Chile

The Cromatic Cultural Foundation and its project Cromatic Academia Suzuki had the joy of organizing and carrying out a “Suzuki Play-in” on October 22nd, in the city of Santiago de Chile. This event brought together nine violin teachers and one cello teacher. Approximately 70 boys and girls were invited to play together the Suzuki repertoire. For the first time since the pandemic, it was possible to get together to make music with students and teachers, creating a beautiful atmosphere with families and friends. This Play-In constituted a great musical reunion for all those who conform to the Suzuki triangle in this community.

Meeting of Suzuki Students in Brazil

On October 8th, a Meeting of Suzuki Students was held in the city of Indaiatuba, state of São Paulo. The event, planned and organized by teacher Ricardo Sander, brought together Suzuki students and teachers from different cities such as Campinas, São Carlos, Matão, Americana, Francisco Morato and São Paulo. It was an afternoon full of music and interaction with students and families. The meeting featured performances by the orchestras from the Suzuki schools in Indaiatuba and São Carlos, and the violin group from the Suzuki School of Music in São Paulo. In honor of Children’s Day, the meeting also had the special participation of the clown Azevedo, represented by Mauro Braga, who is also a teacher Suzuki. The meeting brought together 93 students of violins, 8 of cellos, 4 of violas and 16 teachers of violin, viola, violoncello and piano. 105 people present on the stage! An unforgettable afternoon will remain in the memory of all who participated!

News from Canada

SAO (Suzuki Association of Ontario) November Kingston Conference

The  SAO (Suzuki Association of Ontario) held its first in-person conference since 2019 in Kingston, ON on November 12 & 13th.  The conference theme ‘Sparking a Renaissance’ was an opportunity to bring together sixty-one young violinists, pianists and cellists from across Ontario with close to thirty teachers attending the Teacher Sunday, with others  joining in virtually from Quebec and Manitoba. Keynote speaker, Carrie Reuning-Hummel, Ithaca, NY, gave an inspiring and appreciated Parent Talk on Saturday followed by an inspirational and reflective Keynote entitled ‘Sparking A Renaissance’ on Sunday. Dr. Sian Frank and Julie Salverson (Queen’s University) presented a fun interactive session sharing concrete ways we can look after ourselves as educators by making sure to include play in our own lives.

Guest clinicians Mélanie Grenier, Gail Lange, Witold Swoboda, David Evenchick, and Greg Wanless brought their collective energy and expertise to the students who were so happy to create music together after two plus years of being apart. Thanks also to Debbie Hammond & Geneviève Schirm-Joyce for stepping in at the last minute to teach two enrichment classes. The SAO Kingston organizing team of Jodie Compeau, Venetia Gauthier, Kiri Hauck, Karen-Michele Kimmett, and Julia McFarlane would like to acknowledge the exceptional support of volunteers from Canta Arya School for Strings and the Kingston Music Suzuki Association who helped ensure that the weekend ran smoothly (with the added bonus of delicious treats for the clinicians and organizers!). For more information on the SAO (Canada’s only  SAA Chapter Affiliate!), and to learn more about their year round events for teachers and families, please visit the SAO  website at

~SAO Kingston Conference team

A note from Geneviève Schirm-Joyce of SMMC Bylaws committee: Along with a new official name, SMMC is well into the process of becoming a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization. This will allow the committee to better serve Canadian teachers, families and students from across the country.

Update on What’s Happening with the Canadian Trainer Team: Canadian teacher trainers have met three times since June with the latest meeting including several Canadian trainers who have lived and taught for many years in the US. Our meeting topics have included how to better connect with current Suzuki teachers in remote parts of the country while finding innovative ways to connect with those musicians who may be interested but face the daunting challenges of economic exclusion, distance, and isolation. Having our core materials translated into French remains a priority; to date, one book, Nurtured by Love (Vivre, c’est aimer) is currently in print. ECC Every Child Can! has been offered once in French but the supporting manual for ECC has yet to be published in the quality format as found in the English version. At our November 26th meeting several actions were taken including a Canadian trainer invitation to meet with the SAA Executive Director, Angelica Cortez, in January. We also spent considerable time discussing how and whom we could encourage to apply for the new SAA Suzuki Training Committee. Our team of trainers includes many instruments from different regions and, inspired by many of the LA trainer initiatives, remains dedicated to rethinking how a future Suzuki training program might best fit the needs of all teachers, families, and children in Canada.  The road may be long but the potential benefits of better sharing Dr. Suzuki’s vision for our country has never been so obvious and urgent.

~Suzuki Music/Musique Canada Team

Conférence de novembre de la SAO (Suzuki Association of Ontario) à Kingston: La SAO (Suzuki Association of Ontario) a tenu sa première conférence en personne depuis 2019 à Kingston, ON, les 12 et 13 novembre. Le thème de la conférence, « Sparking a Renaissance », a été l’occasion de réunir soixante et un jeunes violonistes, pianistes et violoncellistes de tout l’Ontario avec près de trente professeurs participant au dimanche des professeurs, d’autres se joignant virtuellement depuis le Québec et le Manitoba. Samedi la conférencière principale, Carrie Reuning-Hummel, d’Ithaca, NY, a prononcé un discours pour parents stimulant et très appréciée, puis dimanche pour les professeurs un discours inspirant et réfléchi intitulé « Sparking a Renaissance ». Le docteur Sian Frank et Julie Salverson (Université Queen’s) ont fait une présentation interactive amusante, partageant des moyens concrets que nous pouvons prendre soin de nous-mêmes en tant qu’éducateurs en veillant à inclure le jeu dans nos propres vies. Les professeurs invités Mélanie Grenier, Gail Lange, Witold Swoboda, David Evenchick et Greg Wanless ont apporté leur énergie et leur expertise collectives aux étudiants qui étaient si heureux de créer de la musique ensemble après plus de deux ans d’absence. Merci également à Debbie Hammond et Geneviève Schirm-Joyce d’être intervenues à la dernière minute pour donner deux cours d’enrichissement.

L’équipe organisatrice du SAO Kingston, composée de Jodie Compeau, Venetia Gauthier, Kiri Hauck, Karen-Michele Kimmett et Julia McFarlane, tient à souligner le soutien exceptionnel des bénévoles de la Canta Arya School for Strings et de la Kingston Suzuki Music Association qui ont contribué au bon déroulement du week-end (avec en prime de délicieuses friandises pour les cliniciens et les organisateurs)! Pour plus d’informations sur la SAO (le seul chapitre affilié à la SAA au Canada!), et pour en savoir plus sur les événements organisés toute l’année pour les professeurs et les familles, veuillez visiter le site Web de la SAO à l’adresse suivante:

~ L’équipe de la conférence SAO de Kingston

Une note de Geneviève Schirm-Joyce du comité des statuts du SMMC: En plus d’un nouveau nom officiel, le SMMC est bien engagé dans le processus pour devenir un organisme national sans but lucratif constitué en société. Cela permettra au comité de mieux servir les professeurs, les familles et les élèves canadiens de tout le pays.

Mise à jour sur ce qui se passe avec l’équipe canadienne de formateurs: Les formateurs de professeurs canadiens se sont réunis trois fois depuis le mois de juin. La dernière réunion a compris plusieurs formateurs canadiens qui vivent et enseignent aux États-Unis pendant de nombreuses années. Les sujets abordés lors de nos réunions ont été les suivants: comment mieux communiquer avec les professeurs actuels de Suzuki dans les régions éloignées du pays, tout en trouvant des moyens novateurs de communiquer avec les musiciens qui pourraient être intéressés mais qui sont confrontés aux défis de l’exclusion économique, de la distance et de l’isolement.

La traduction de notre matériel de base en français reste une priorité; à ce jour, un livre, Vivre, c’est aimer, est le seul qui est actuellement disponible en forme imprimée. Le cours ECC ( Every Child Can!) a été offert une fois en français mais le manuel de soutien ECC n‘est pas encore publié dans le format de qualité que l’on trouve dans la version anglaise. Lors de notre réunion du 26 novembre, plusieurs mesures ont été prises, notamment l’invitation du groupe des formateurs canadiens à rencontrer la directrice générale de la SAA, Angelica Cortez, au mois de janvier. On a également passé beaucoup de temps à discuter comment et qui on pourrait encourager à postuler pour le nouveau Suzuki Training Committee.

Notre équipe de formateurs comprend de nombreux instruments provenant de différentes régions, et l’équipe est inspirée par de nombreuses initiatives de formateurs de l’Amérique latine. L’équipe se consacre à repenser la façon dont un futur programme de formation Suzuki au Canada pourrait mieux répondre aux besoins de tous les professeurs, familles et enfants dans notre pays. La route est peut-être longue, mais les avantages potentiels d’un meilleur partage de la vision du docteur Suzuki pour notre pays n’ont jamais été aussi évidents et urgents.

~ L’équipe de Suzuki Music/Musique Canada

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