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Suzuki Association of the Americas

Dear Suzuki friends,

We apologize if you have received this previously, We suggest you send it to others who may not know of Mr. Kendall’s condition. We will send on any further updates as they are made available from the family.

—Marilyn Kesler, on behalf of the SAA Board

Dear friends and family,

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, Dad had a mild stroke with a number of attendant complications. The period since then has been a difficult one for him in his medical struggles, as we’ve negotiated with him the challenges and complex of resources available for people in these situations. After leaving the hospital, Dad spent two weeks at home during which his condition continued to decline, then a couple of weeks in a rehabilitation facility called Heartland. There he received some very good care but continued to struggle with and against declining health.

At the recommendation of Dad’s doctors and with the concurrence and help of our family, he has moved now to Arbor Hospice, a beautiful and skilled facility which operates on the principles of “Dignity, Comfort and Peace.” We feel these align well with dad’s own expressed principles for his care: “Slow, Gentle and Easy,” and we have so far had a good experience with his care givers and the hospice environment.

Without trying to predict how things will unfold from here, we’re preparing ourselves for all eventualities, and we wanted to be sure the many people who care about Dad are informed. We know some have been kept up to date through direct contact or networks of students, friends and families. But this isn’t a comprehensive form of sending news, so we’re attempting to send as broad a communication as we can. Though managing Dad’s health has left little time for thorough communication, please know that we will respond to your questions and messages as we’re able. In the meantime, your thoughts and prayers for John/Dad/Grand and Greatgrandfather are deeply appreciated.

Love to all,
Christopher and Susan

P.S. Please don’t hesitate to forward this message to any you feel would be interested in receiving it.

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