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2018 Parents as Partners Online is Here!

Early Bird Registration open until January 31

Fundamental education for beginning Suzuki parents, enriching ideas for Suzuki veterans, and unique perspectives for all Suzuki teachers—this is what Parents as Partners Online 2018 is all about.

Parents as Partners Online will launch on January 25! The wide range of topics includes:

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  • Questions and answers about teen years
  • A formula for discussing difficult issues
  • Thorough performance prep
  • Character development
  • Practice games and strategies for everyone!

With over 55 talks in video, audio, and transcript form, there’s something for everyone! Spread the word to your studio with this flier, and share our post on social media.

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Encouragement, Inspiration and Excitement: SAA conferences are for you!

Dalcroze at the 2014 Conference

SAA Conferences are planned by SAA members and feature SAA members as well as special guests. In every way, SAA conferences represent our “Learning and Collaborating Community” at its very best!

Read here about one teacher’s first conference and how it influenced her.

Over 300 students have been selected to participate in a great variety of model activities that will inspire and motivate you.

Our 48-member conference team is hard at work selecting sessions from your proposals to create 4 days filled with events. The Montrose Trio sponsored by Robertson and Sons Violin Shop is occupying a special place in the lineup of performances. Don’t miss it!

Plus, our business friends are preparing outstanding displays for your shopping enjoyment.

Registration is open now!

For your choice of rooms at the Hilton Minneapolis, please use this link. Book now!

Save the dates! Thursday, May, 24, 4:30 pm to Monday, May 28, noon.
See website for pre-conference offerings (Wednesday evening, May 23, and Thursday, May 24), including ECC!, Dalcroze, and International Research Symposium for Talent Education events.


Upcoming Opportunities

Every Child Can!

Looking for an Every Child Can! course?

Upcoming classes start on Jan 28, Feb 2, Feb 3, Feb 4, Feb 10, Feb 17, Feb 24, and beyond!

Hoping to enroll in a Suzuki Principles in Action course?

Upcoming classes start on March 22!

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) Logo

Find details and more under the “Events” column on the SAA website homepage!

Our Global Suzuki Community

Science and Suzuki violin overlap: Ryugo Hayano

Ryugo Hayano

This brief video broadcast by CNBC highlights the work of Ryugo Hayano. Not only did the scientist develop new ways to detect internal radiation levels in children who were exposed to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident, but he grew up as a Suzuki violinist from age four. Hayano sees that his music background nurtured his current skills of relating to the world. View the full video here (See the TERI group class at 6:38).

SAA Chapter Affiliates

The Birth of a New Chapter?

Chapter Affiliate Logo

An exciting meeting took place on January 6 at the Mount Royal University, in Alberta, Canada. Teachers attended from private studios, Suzuki schools, and from other Suzuki organizations all over Alberta.

From Marg Caspell:
“The purpose was simple:  To let everyone know about Suzuki events coming in the Calgary area, to get to know one another and reconnect with colleagues. In addition, it was the perfect setting to discuss the possibility of forming a Suzuki Chapter here in Alberta…  There was also discussion about professional development that we could do as a group.  Top of the list is a SPA course!  There were volunteers ready to assist with organizing that and it will likely be held in the Fall or Winter of 2018. It was a very positive experience for everyone and we are all looking forward to doing it again.”

Simple connections like this are the seeds for future Affiliated Chapters. Contact to inquire about starting a chapter in your area or here for further information about Chapter Affiliates!


One Million Bow Circles!

Gms Million Circle Bows 2

Each dot = 100 Bow Circles!

The teachers and students at the Gifted Music School’s Suzuki Strings Program in Salt Lake City, Utah, wondered: as a way to collectively develop tone, could they combine the students and complete 1 Million Bow Circles in 2017? They created five giant poster boards and students placed a sticker on a board for every set of 100 circles completed at home or in lessons.

The students reached their goal of 1 Million Circle Bows in August of 2017, and celebrated with ice cream and cookies. So many concepts grew during this huge experiment: their tone, their technique, as well as their sense of community and collaboration. They internalized Dr. Suzuki’s idea that “Knowledge is not skill. Knowledge plus 10,000 times is skill.”

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? ShortScore wants to feature pictures from your community!

Get Involved


How much practicing does a four-year-old need to do? Have Happy Farmer hints? Join in the discussion in the Suzuki Forum!

Article Submissions

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Is there a Suzuki-related subject you wish we’d cover more in the ASJ, newsletter, or blog? Or have you written an article that you would like published? If you are interested in submitting a Suzuki-related article, please see the Manuscript Guidelines or email us at for more information.

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