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Dear members of the SAA,

We are still filled with energy from the time we spent together during We are Suzuki!. Thank you so much to all of you who were part of various aspects of the sessions. Please see the recap below, but in short, THANK YOU to all who spoke, participated, asked questions, offered feedback, and continue to uphold the mission and vision of our organization. We are so grateful to you.

During We are Suzuki!, our Executive Director had the opportunity to hear from Teacher Trainers, Institute Directors, and members at our Community Gathering about shared ambitions for the future and big questions about our culture and course training. We will continue to have further sessions and surveys for feedback and review throughout the next two months. As we look toward our time ahead, we look forward to more opportunities to hear from you.

Please stay tuned for information about elections for the Board of Directors! Applications closed Wednesday, June 15, 2022, and members will be able to vote from July 11-22. We will follow up with more information! You can see details at this link.

Thank you,
The SAA Team

We are Suzuki! Recap
We Are Suzuki Banner Final

What an honor and privilege it was to have seen 350 members of the SAA throughout the We are Suzuki! event. The three-day virtual conference offered 18 sessions, four of which offered opportunities for members to provide feedback about the current state and future of the SAA to our Executive Director, and 14 of which provided perspectives from across various regions and experiences in the SAA. There were 17 countries represented throughout the weekend. 15% of attendees filled out our evaluation survey, rating sessions at a 4.8/5 on average and session engagement at a 4.7/5 on average.

In our feedback survey, members said they look forward to returning to more in-person events. They also shared hopes for session applications processes that were less complex and shorter. We heard that translation services needed some improvement and that there was a desire for more time and outreach for attendance. Thank you for your feedback! We also know that attendance from the small portion of our membership was under that of an in-person conference. We want to work to ensure that we get more members in attendance for any future online conferences, but we also feel this is a strong representation given the quick turnaround for the event.

We are very proud of this event and deeply grateful to all who attended. If you would like to view any of the sessions, you still can! Check out the session recordings at this link. We want to send a HUGE shout-out to all speakers, and a GIANT thank you to everyone who attended. We look forward to continuing to build our future together.

Check out this video from We are Suzuki!. We hope you can share this with students who might be inspired by Noah’s story (read translated transcripts). Noah Bendix-Balgley is the First Concertmaster of the Berlin Philharmonic, and a member of the Honorary Board for the SAA. Thank you so much to Ching-Yi Lin, a member of the SAA Board of Directors for helping to make this video happen!

Video Interview with Noah Bendix-Balgley

Learn more about Noah at this link

Thank you to our sponsors!

A Note About Social Media

We are currently unable to access our Facebook platform due to an error on the site! While we work this out, please feel free to reach out to us via email and follow us on Instagram @suzukiamericas. Thank you!

A Note About Our Website

We are working on updating our website! We know some of you have concerns about our website and how it functions—that’s why we’re prioritizing it in the year to come.

We’ve started to make changes and anticipate there will be more in the coming months. We thank you for your patience as we make these updates. If you have any suggestions or concerns, please email us at

Additionally, we are grateful to Rolando Freitag, Fabio dos Santos, and Ricardo Seoud (photographer) for allowing us to use their photos on the homepage carousel of our website! Please fill out this form if you’re interested in submitting a photo for consideration.

Community Gathering

The fourth Community Gathering event took place on May 26, 2022, during the virtual We Are Suzuki! event. Over 90 people registered, and Executive Director Angelica Cortez led the event. We experimented with new simultaneous translation software, Streamer, and the interactive, real-time virtual whiteboard tool, Jamboard.

We started the meeting with a review and open discussion of the new SAA Community Guidelines.

The rest of the meeting was a practice of using the new tools and an open discussion about the Suzuki Community. Answers were shared on Jamboard as well as shared verbally.

You can see further notes about the Community Gathering at this link.

Join us at our next Community Gathering
this Thursday, June 23, at 9:00a PT/12:00p ET

Our goal with these sessions is to invite more communication between SAA members and the Executive Director. A summary of the casual gathering plus links to a recording of the session will be available for those who cannot attend in real-time.

We believe that regular sessions will create a stronger community.

Read more HERE

Register here for the Zoom meeting

Submission forms for the Community Gatherings:





ISA News

Dear Viola Friends,

General Registration for European Suzuki Viola Gathering 2022 is now open!

Third time lucky – we hope!

We sincerely hope that this email finds you all safe and healthy. We hope that music, especially playing viola, has brightened your lives during the difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you know, ESVG was originally scheduled for February 2021 but had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. And alas, our revised plans to hold the event in February 2022 had to be postponed a second time.

The Organizing Committee has been carefully monitoring the global COVID-19 situation. We have sought the advice of other groups, in particular the European Suzuki Association.

We are delighted to announce:

ESVG 2022 will take place October 7-9, 2022
at the Vayamundo resort hotel in Ostende, Belgium

To register and for more information, please visit

News from Latin America
1st Brazilian Meeting of Suzuki Piano Teachers

The 1st Brazilian Meeting of Suzuki Piano Teachers (I EBraPPS), organized by teachers Helenice Scapol Villar and Beatriz Pires Santana and with the support of AMSBrasil, was held June 17-19. During this online event, we shared the following objectives: reinforce important aspects of the Suzuki Method for piano, support the work of Suzuki piano teachers, solidify and improve the quality of Suzuki piano teaching in Brazil, allow the exchange of information between teachers, expand and disseminate Suzuki piano work and strengthen the Suzuki piano teacher community.

We had guest teachers, among them the Teacher Trainers Flor Canelo and Blancamaría Montecinos. They addressed topics such as the Suzuki piano in Brazil, musical reading, how to work with young children and beginners, the importance of starting students with a good foundation, the use of vocabulary and tone of voice in class, the Suzuki piano in Brazil and the Suzuki Method as a humanist approach.

In order to engage participants and bring greater dynamism to the meeting, various activities were offered, such as group dynamics, chat sessions and conversation circles, and moments of fun, reflection, and appreciation. Thank you to everyone who participated!

O I Encontro Brasileiro de Professores de Piano Suzuki (I EBraPPS), evento online ocorrido entre os dias 17 e 19 de junho, foi organizado pelas professoras Helenice Scapol Villar e Beatriz Pires Santana, e contou com o apoio da AMSBrasil. Foi destinado tanto a professores de piano Suzuki, como também para quaisquer professores interessados no ensino de piano por esse método. Durante o evento foram compartilhados os seguintes objetivos: reforçar aspectos importantes do Método Suzuki para piano, respaldar o trabalho dos professores Suzuki de piano, solidificar e aprimorar a qualidade do ensino Suzuki de piano no Brasil, permitir troca de informações entre professores, ampliar e divulgar o trabalho de piano Suzuki e fortalecer a comunidade de professores Suzuki de piano.

O evento contou com a presença de professores convidados, dentre eles as professoras capacitadoras Flor Canelo e Blancamaría Montecinos, que abordaram temas como o piano Suzuki no Brasil, a leitura musical, o trabalho com crianças pequenas e iniciantes, a importância da realização de um bom trabalho de base com os alunos, o uso do vocabulário e do tom de voz em aula, e o Método Suzuki como uma abordagem humanista.

Com a finalidade de engajar os participantes e trazer maior dinamismo ao encontro, foram oferecidas diversas atividades como: Dinâmicas de Grupo, sessões de Bate-Papo e Roda de Conversa, momentos de diversão, reflexão e de apreciação.

El 1º Encuentro Brasileño de Profesores de Piano Suzuki (I EBraPPS), organizado por las profesoras Helenice Scapol Villar y Beatriz Pires Santana, y con el apoyo de AMSBrasil, fue un evento dirigido a los profesores de piano Suzuki y estuvo abierto a la participación de varias personas interesadas en la enseñanza del piano por medio del método Suzuki. En este evento en línea se compartieron los siguientes objetivos: reforzar aspectos importantes del Método Suzuki para piano, apoyar el trabajo de los profesores de piano Suzuki, consolidar y mejorar la calidad de la enseñanza del piano Suzuki en Brasil, permitir el intercambio de información entre profesores, ampliar y difundir el trabajo de piano de Suzuki y fortalecer la comunidad de profesores de piano de Suzuki.

Se contó con la presencia de docentes invitadas, entre ellas las profesoras de capacitación Flor Canelo y Blancamaría Montecinos, quienes abordaron temas como el piano Suzuki en Brasil, la lectura musical, el trabajo con niños pequeños y principiantes, la importancia de hacer un buen trabajo de base con los alumnos, el uso del vocabulario y tono de voz en clase, el piano Suzuki en Brasil y el Método Suzuki como enfoque humanista.

Con el fin de involucrar a los participantes y darle mayor dinamismo al encuentro, también se ofrecieron diversas actividades, como Dinámicas de Grupo, sesiones de Chat y Círculos de Conversación, momentos de diversión, reflexión y valoración.

El evento se llevó a cabo del 17 al 19 de junio de este año.

Board News

The Board of Directors had their monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Our focus centered around collaborative end-of-year fundraising efforts, our annual general meeting, elections, and next steps for the 2022-2023 fiscal year. Special thanks to everyone who participated in the We are Suzuki! online conference. This event represents the first of many of its kind to come.

If you are interested in becoming a Premier Business Member please contact the SAA office.

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