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Building Noble Hearts

photo by David Goehring

Have you ever felt transported to a different place when you were listening to someone tell a story? Have you lost track of time while listening to a radio piece? Do you like hearing about the trials and triumphs of your Suzuki colleagues?

Join us in April for the release of “Building Noble Hearts: Inside a Teaching Community.” Each semi-monthly episode will explore an element of Suzuki teaching through the stories of people in our Suzuki community.

We will release episodes on iTunes, as well as on the SAA homepage with a transcript of the show and a link to a discussion forum where we can continue the conversation with interviewees.

We are excited to share this new format with you and look forward to expanding the conversation about Suzuki teaching!

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photo by David Goehring


Parents as Partners Online 2017

Parents As Partners 2017 Icon

What do teens think of their Suzuki music experiences? Is it possible to make more progress with simple new practicing techniques? How do my students benefit from community performances?

Find answers to these questions and more with Parents as Partners Online 2017. Click here to Register.

Join us at the Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreat 2017—Facebook

Join us May 25-28 at Deer Creek Lodge, Mt. Sterling, OH, for the 2017 SAA Leadership Retreat! We are returning to the same beautiful location as our successful 2015 retreat, with some new updates to enhance our stay. We invite you to a weekend of community, learning, and relaxation.

Registration closes when space is filled, or April 10 at the latest. Click here for more information.

Are you interested in attending a Suzuki Institute this summer?

View a map of our Summer Institutes or Read More about what Suzuki Institutes have to offer you!

Nova Scotia Suzuki Institute 2017 3

Nova Scotia Suzuki Institute 2017

Upcoming opportunities

Our Global SAA Community

Happy Birthday, Canada! This spring Canada will celebrate its 150th year as a nation, and Suzuki studios across the country are celebrating. From Suzuki Strings Association Yukon to PEI Singing Strings, young musicians will be performing studio concerts from coast to coast to coast to honor the day. Want to celebrate Canada with your own studio concert? Join the conversation here.

Have news to share from your corner of the globe? Email

SAA Chapter Affiliates
North Texas Suzuki Association

News from the North Texas Suzuki Association

Once a year, the NTSA holds a unique Trophy Festival where students of all instruments and levels are invited to perform.

It “provides an opportunity for students to perform for a clinician/adjudicator and receive positive comments or suggestions as well as a trophy—tangible evidence of their effort and accomplishments. The event serves as a terrific readiness for elementary students who will later perform in Solo/Ensemble Festivals and take Region and Youth Orchestra Auditions. It is also perfect for more advanced or older students who need additional performing experience in a low pressure and supportive environment. Proceeds from the Trophy Festival largely fund the NTSA’s Scholarship Fund, which provides financial support for outstanding students to attend summer Suzuki Institutes.”

This event is made possible by all participating teachers volunteering their time to be adjudicators. It’s a great way to connect the community, educate students about auditions, support the scholarship fund, and celebrate the accomplishment of students. Great job, Texas!!

Click here for further information about Chapter Affiliates, how to create a Chapter Affiliate, or how to reach your local Chapter to inquire about joining.

6 Layer Rondo Cake

Six-Layer Rondo Cake

“When I’m teaching the Rondo form of the Martini Gavotte to my students, I often use the analogy of a six-layer cake with exotic flavored fillings in between the layers. Nine-year-old Meryl Wrenn got really excited about the idea of this fantastic torte… (soon after)… Meryl presented me with the most beautiful and delicious Martini Gavotte cake. Each layer of cake represents the “A section” or rondo of the piece. The layers between the cake were Part B- raspberry jam, Part C- whipped cream, Part D- lemon curd, Part E- whipped cream with Amaretto cookie crumbles, and Part F—vanilla buttercream frosting. Apparently, Meryl is a wiz in the kitchen and baking is her favorite thing to do…after violin practice of course!”

-Edward Kreitman
Western Springs School of Talent Education

Calling all Suzuki fans! Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Send a picture our way and we will share favorites in Short Score!

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Teacher’s Corner

How can you address theory in group classes? What do you do when a student starts “reading before they are ready?” Join us in the member’s teacher corner. We want to hear your questions and your answers.

Suzuki Forum

How do you introduce music lessons to a four year old who complains that all music is “too loud?” Have you ever suddenly discovered your student has two teachers? How do you parent a child who is tired even before they reach their after school lessons? If you have these questions or answers to them, hop on our Suzuki Forum and join the conversation!

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