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In Memory of Ms. Hiroko Suzuki

Hiroko Suzuki

Ms. Hiroko Suzuki, former president of TERI, passed away on August 13, 2021. She was 80 years old.
She is a niece of Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki, the founder of Suzuki Method, and she grew up listening to Schubert’s “Unfinished” at the suggestion of Dr. Suzuki.
She graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music with honors and has been a TERI violin and viola teacher since she was a student.

She served as the 4th President of TERI from 2013 to 2016 and has been the Honorary President of ISA from 2020.

She had been ill for several months and had been recuperating at home. She passed away peacefully at 9:00 a.m. on the 13th, attended by her son, Shigeru Ishikawa, her daughter, Sakiko Ishikawa (a piano teacher at TERI), and other family members.

The family wishes to hold a farewell party when the corona pandemic has settled down.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Ms. Suzuki for her contribution to the Suzuki Method over the years, and we pray for the repose of her soul.

Ryugo Hayano, TERI president

SAA Updates

Certificates of Achievement

At the recent Annual Membership Meeting, SAA was pleased to announce the names of seven new recipients of the Certificate of Achievement.
Congratulations to the following teacher members:
Lisa Deakins, Violin, SC; Bekka Eowind, Violin, VT; Tracy Helming Wiggin, Violin, WA; Trina Carey Hodgson, Cello, CA; Ruth Meints, Violin, NE; Hillary Nordwell, Piano, WA; sand Katrin St. Clair, Violin, WA.
For information about the application process please click here.

2021 Suzuki Institutes, Summer 2021

Over 40 Institutes have reported their summer numbers to the SAA. While a few were hybrids, 10 institutes were mostly or fully in-person events.
Over the course of the summer, close to 2,000 units were registered through institute events and over 2,000 students participated overall.
We look forward to receiving applications and plans for summer 2022!

Honor for Diversity

Information about the Honor for Diversity second session with Nwandi Lawson is now available.
Please click here for information.


News from the Latin American Country Associations Committee

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The Suzuki Associations Committee of Latin America carried out another important meeting this August. We highlight in our agenda the preparation of material that lists the progress of this committee after a year of work. We will release it soon!

Among the issues discussed, we verified the need to include subtitles in Portuguese, English and Spanish for the video given by Araceli Hackbarth, on behalf of the entire committee, at the SAA Annual Meeting on August 15th. We are happy to hear that the Board of Directors will include them by the end of this month!!! Even so, we are already sharing the transcription for Portuguese, Spanish and English. In this way, we understand that more people will have access to information, the objectives of this committee and the needs of Latin America.

We also reinforce that this committee compiles monthly information about its work, as well as from Latin American countries, offering it in three languages for this newsletter. If you have any questions, or would like to receive further information about our publications, please contact us by email:

Transcription of the Latin American Committee Video for the SAA Annual Meeting

You can find the presentation at 34´30” of the video:

Olá a todos e todas!!! Sou a Araceli Hackbarth e falarei em nome do Comitê de Associações Suzuki da América Latina.

¡¡¡Hola a todos!!! Mi nombre es Araceli Hackbarth y hablaré en nombre del comité de las Asociaciones Suzuki de América Latina.

Salut a tous!!! Je m’appelle Araceli Hackbarth et maintenant je parlerai au nom du comité de l´Association Suzuki de Latin America.

Hello everyone!!! My name is Araceli Hackbarth and I will speak on behalf of the Latin American Suzuki Association committee.

Maybe it is no longer strange for you to hear greetings in four languages, after all, Suzuki of Americas is made from the most different countries, with their most diverse cultures, histories, experiences, and consequently their languages.

The Suzuki Latin American Association Committee is a direct reflection of all this diversity. It is formed by representatives from different countries: Fábio dos Santos, and myself, from Brazil; Flor Canelo and Sabino Blancas, from Peru; Leslie Mizrahi and Araceli Lugo, from Mexico; Andrea Raza, from Ecuador; Rubídia Bodor and Mariana Rodriguez, from Guatemala. In addition, Luciana Castillo and Caroline Fraser are also part of the committee, as collaborators.

On our committee, we have the great privilege of having the presence of dear teacher Caroline Fraser, who for many years has been working to strengthen communication and fraternal ties between different parts of America, with the SAA. Her immense affection for the Latin American community is latent, so much so that we would like to pay her a brief tribute, based on attributes named by colleagues on the committee itself. Caroline, for Latin America you represent: wisdom, simplicity and love, you are also light and guide, a mentor and a sower, always thinking about expanding the Suzuki philosophy to new generations. You are a source of inspiration and motivation for all of us. Thank you for all these years of so much dedication and for trying to integrate everyone into the great Suzuki community of the Americas.

Regarding the committee, we are very happy with the gradual recognition we have received from SAA, from the Suzuki community of the Americas, in particular, from the Latin American community. Not everyone knows the committee, so I would like to share a little bit of our work. Our goals are:

  • To be a means of communication between SAA and country associations and teacher networks, as well as to maintain active and permanent communication between country associations, teacher networks and teacher organizations in Latin America.
  • Maintain fluent communication with the Latin American Committee of Teacher Training.
  • Define the role of an association within the SAA and discuss the process of affiliating Associations with the SAA.
  • Provide mentoring for new associations or those in the process of being created.
  • Promote the submission of articles and news, as well as encourage Suzuki teachers to submit papers, both to the SAA newsletter and to the American Suzuki Journal.
  • Support the different actions of national associations, assisting and strengthening their roles.

Of course, all work has many challenges, and certainly more fluent and direct communication with the SAA has been the biggest one for this committee. Sometimes we have the feeling that we are talking and not being heard, that we spend too much time on solutions that are not put into practice, or that the news we send from Latin America is simply not understood. Considering the inclusion project that SAA has been willing to carry out, simply accepting the other countries is not enough. It is necessary that integration be total: in participation, in discussion of problems and decision-making, in equal rights and duties, and in building values that unite us more than highlight our differences.

It is for all of this that we have met and worked tirelessly, donating our time to a cause that goes beyond our obligations as teachers. Finally, we call everyone to dialogue and build a better world for our children, together!!! See you!!!

Changes in the Latin American Membership

We would like to clarify to the entire Latin American community the positive changes that have taken place in the profile of SAA associations. According to information obtained on the SAA Membership Renewal page, associate members, in the “active Latin American membership” category, up to date, enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to the American Suzuki Journal (online only),
  • Member Directory Listing (Online Only),
  • Voting privileges and other benefits,
  • Includes unlimited training records.

We hope that soon this information will also be part of the SAA page, along with the other membership models.

Scholarship Requests

Latin American Teachers!!!! Pay attention to the deadline for applications for scholarships to take SAA courses.

The deadline is October 1st. You can get guidelines on how to apply for a scholarship on the SAA website by following these steps:

If you have any questions, please contact this committee by e-mail You can also obtain guidance directly from your country’s national Suzuki Association. We will be happy to help you!

Latin American Community Events

Ecuador shares the results of its beautiful Festival!

IX International Festival Suzuki Ecuador

With great joy we carried out the IX International Festival Suzuki Ecuador, online mode. This important event for our Suzuki community was held from July 26th to August 14th, and was attended by teachers from various parts of our continent: Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Brazil.

Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 1
Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 2

Suzuki teachers Caroline Fraser (Scotland), Diana Chagalj (Argentina), Lydia Mills (USA—Chile), Kathleen Schoen (Canada) and Fernando Piñero (Argentina) coordinated the courses and lectures offered at the festival. In addition, there were masterclasses in the courses of Philosophy, Guitar 2 and Violin 1, virtual concerts by students of piano and guitar by teachers from the Suzuki Ecuador Network, and a special concert by INEPE’s Musical Talent Education Program.

Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 3
Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 4
Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 5
Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 6

The festival witnessed a historic moment by offering the Teaching Strategies course for all instruments, coordinated by teacher Caroline Fraser. It was very well received by the participants and brought a lot of learning!

Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 7

You can find all publications and festival information on the Facebook page: Red Suzuki Ecuador (

Mexico announces its next two big events!

Second Mexican Suzukiada online:

Dear Students, Teachers and Parents: The Mexican Association of the Suzuki Method is pleased to invite you to participate in the Mexican Suzukiada 2021. The Event will take place on September 12th, 2021, from 12:00 to 12:45.

Watch the invitation video:

Link for registration and more information:

Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 8

First Mexican Meeting of Suzuki Teachers:

When? September 25th and 26th, 2021.

This is an exclusive event for teachers who are active members of the Mexican Association of the Suzuki Method. More information and registration for the event can be found here:

“My greatest desire is to provide a space for us to get to know each other and share learning and growth. And that you take with you extraordinary tools that enrich you, both personally and in your teaching”. Leslie Mizrahi.

Latin America August 2021 News—Photo 9

We reaffirm our warmest invitation to all Latin American countries that work with the Suzuki Method to send information about all the actions they have been carrying out (organization of their associations, events and activities that are being programmed, etc.) in order to share them in the next posts. This information can be sent to the email:


Contribute to the American Suzuki Journal!

The ASJ is always looking for more submissions. We hope to increase representation from authors who are diverse in terms of instrumentation, geography, race, ethnicity, gender, ability, age, and more. If you’re a teacher, parent, or student with an idea for an article, please reach out to Pitches and full drafts are welcome. The next deadline for submissions is November 1.

Journal staff are looking for small illustrations of every Suzuki instrument, as well as more general music-related drawings (music notes and staff, orchestra, music stand, etc). These illustrations will be kept on file and used in future journals. All ages and artistic levels are welcome to submit, including teachers, parents, and students. Please send images to

We are also looking for teen and student contributors to write columns about the student experience. Columns could be about practice and motivation, community, listening, balancing music with school work, etc. Please spread the word to your children and students. If you have an interested student, please email


H-Town Strings at the Houston Dash!

H-Town Strings at the Houston Dash!

Submitted by: Katherine Sullivan
H-Town Strings students performed the national anthem at BBVA Stadium for Houston’s professional woman’s soccer team on August 13th!

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Submit your own picture today!

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