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2014 SAA Conference—SYOA 2

Starting this month, we would like to share some of the historical performances that have taken place in past SAA Conferences. There have been some very beautiful moments over the years and the SAA would like to share these wonderful experiences with our community. Please enjoy this full performance from the Suzuki Youth Orchestra of the Americas 2 at the 2014 SAA Conference. What are some of the performances that you remember from past SAA Conferences? Submit your favorite here.

View the performance here.

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The Suzuki Association of the Americas was built on love. Dr. Suzuki’s love for all beings fed his nurturing approach that helps these children blossom into not only great musicians but also great people. This spirit still exists in the SAA today through our members and contributors. Kindness, patience, and understanding are all necessary ingredients that need to be applied in a nurturing environment. These qualities are important not just for children but for all humans. This December, the SAA has put together the “Twinkle Twinkle Little Sea” campaign to help bring together friends of all ages in the Suzuki Community. A new fun fact will be revealed daily as you show your support for our community.

Narwhal—Twinkle Twinkle Little Sea

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Fun Fact: Narwhal tusks are actually an enlarged tooth.


Executive Director Search

The Board recognizes that this is a tremendously exciting as well as an emotional and challenging transition for the SAA community. The Search Committee, co-chaired by Michelle Diggs and Mary Halverson Waldo, followed a rigorous, months-long process and, in accordance with its charge, delivered to the Board for consideration three highly qualified candidates for the Executive Director position. These candidates were further vetted by the Board and with internal and external stakeholders. The Board voted to offer the position to one of these candidates, and has received a signed contract from this individual. The Board is currently working with the individual to coordinate a formal announcement to the membership.

The decision was taken by quorum after much deliberation, and was unanimous among those present. Minutes of recent meetings will become available in the following weeks for those interested in further details. The Search Committee has fulfilled its charge as planned, and its work is now completed.

The Board and its leadership continue to operate in compliance with SAA policies and bylaws, and to serve the SAA with integrity.

The Board is incredibly excited for the SAA’s next chapter, and is committed to working to further the mission of the SAA, and support the next Executive Director.

New Board Member: Leslie Mizrahi

Leslie Mizrahi

A vote was taken to appoint Leslie Mizrahi to the Board of Directors for a standard three-year term beginning December 15, 2021. Ms. Mizrahi brings an abundance of skills and energy to Board service. She has completed the standard application and interview process that is required of all Board candidates. The Board looks forward to working with Ms. Mizrahi.

Dr Suzuki Picture

The ISA is pleased to offer this link to the extensive Suzuki video archive at the University of Wisconsin/Stevens Point. These videos document Dr. Suzuki’s visit to the American Suzuki Institute in 1976 in lessons, group classes and teachers’ sessions. The videos are a treasure-trove of inspiration from the founder of the Talent Education movement, and showcase Dr Suzuki’s teaching principles in action. We are indebted to the University for maintaining this archive and making it available to the public. We also thank the Aber Suzuki Center at UWSP for their stewardship of this priceless collection of Dr. Suzuki’s teaching, and to Patricia D’Ercole for her assistance in bringing this collection to the world-wide Suzuki community.

Online Video Recordings of Dr. Suzuki at the 1976 American Suzuki Institute

Use this link to access all videos:

“The American Suzuki Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point: The Suzuki Method in Action,” is the title of a collection of videos which chronicles the two weeks of Dr. Suzuki’s teaching at the American Suzuki Institute in August 1976. The videos, originally recorded on 1-inch cassettes, have been digitized and stored on the UW System Digital Collections site and will be preserved for free viewing by anyone for generations to come. Initiated by Pat D’Ercole, the digitization project was a joint venture between the ISA and the University of Wisconsin System Library Collection.

The 35 videos are usually about 50 minutes in length. Twenty-three videos are non-edited recordings of Dr. Suzuki teaching children in master classes and in groups. Unedited recordings of lectures given to teachers are also among these videos, as well as the speech he gave after receiving the first Suzuki Chair Award (titled, A lecture on the mother tongue method given by Shin’ichi Suzuki at the American Suzuki Institute, Stevens Point, WI., August 8, 1976). This award was presented by UWSP Chancellor Lee Dreyfus to Dr. Suzuki and his acceptance speech contains many of the same sentiments he presented the United Nations in 1968. It is truly inspiring to see and hear him plead for a peaceful world and for parents to be educated so that they will understand the importance of providing a quality environment for their children.

Twelve of the videos are titled, “A lecture and demonstration lesson on…” (The thumbnail for these is blank.) They are edited videos taken from the original footage and organized by topic. Graduate students studying at UWSP at the time of Dr. Suzuki’s visit watched each of the lectures. When Dr. Suzuki discussed string crossing for example, that clip was isolated and added to the video about string crossing. When he addressed the left hand, that clip was added to the video of that topic. Of course, string playing is very inter-connected, so there is some overlap, but the description that appears after clicking on a video gives a very detailed account of the topics covered on each tape. This is true of the unedited recordings as well. Lectures, master classes and/or violin class video descriptions list what repertoire was played in each.

Just as the invention of the records made it possible for students to hear and learn to play their instrument, the advent of video recording preserved Dr. Suzuki’s teaching as a model and primary source for research. And now, the internet makes it possible for all, in the comfort of their home, to sit at the feet of the Master and learn from him.

Suzuki Principles in Action (SPA) Logo

Looking for a SPA course?

Suzuki Association of Utah

Springville, UT
Jan 27-28

Instructor: Jane Kutscher Reed

Click here for details.

Suzuki Piano Tour

Suzuki Piano Tour—Challenge Spanish


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The Latin America Suzuki Associations Committee informs that on November 19th it met with teachers Andrea Espinzo, teacher trainer from Argentina, and Lidia Blanca, representative and teacher Suzuki from Costa Rica. Both shared their experiences in leading the process of consolidating the associations in their countries. The purpose of the meeting was to enrich the mentoring process for new associations and for countries that wish to promote a Suzuki association in their territory.

News from the Mexican Association of the Suzuki Method (AMMS)

The Mexican Association of the Suzuki Method shares with great joy three projects for the Suzuki community in Mexico. This involves the formation of the Suzuki Mexico Orchestra, the Suzuki Mexico Guitar Orchestra and the Suzuki Mexico Teacher Orchestra, groups that will be of great importance in recognizing the work of each of the teachers, students and parents.

These three projects will strengthen the projection of each participant on a musical level, as well as create bonds of cooperation, communication and coexistence, making the Suzuki community stronger and a living example for others.

The Board of Directors of AMMS shares these three great projects planned especially for the Suzuki community of Mexico, which will be of great inspiration for teachers and students. As an important part of this community, it is essential for the AMMS to have all Suzuki teachers and students in Mexico come together, participate, share, and make music together for all families.

For the student orchestra, there will be two in-person camps—one for study and integration and the other for final presentation—in spring and summer.

The teacher orchestra will present an online workshop every two months and then attend the summer camp in person.

La Dec 2021 Pic 1

The Qantu Cultural Association (Peru) is celebrating its anniversary!

The Qantu Cultural Association, recognized by the Suzuki Association of Peru, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The pioneer Suzuki school in the city of Cusco has been developing intense uninterrupted activity in the education of children and young people, supporting Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s dream that music favors the formation of better human beings. In these 25 years, the school has been working based on the inclusion of all children, their families and their cultural heritage, seeking to build bridges between Western culture and their own cultures. A large purpose is to promote the intercultural dialogue that Peru so desperately needs.

La Dec 2021 Pic 2

We reaffirm our warmest invitation to all Latin American countries that work with the Suzuki Method to send information about all the actions they have been carrying out (organization of their associations, events, and activities that are being programmed, etc.) in order to share them in the next posts. This information can be sent to the email:


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The Wonder of the Possible:Suzuki in Canada

The years of 2020-2021 have been a time of unprecedented challenge for many in the Canadian Suzuki Community. Many teachers continue to feel the effects of lower student enrollment, loss of performing opportunities, and the dynamic synergy that is created when we play live music together with our Suzuki students and our colleagues. In some parts of the country, aspects of performing are returning, giving all of us a little light to walk towards!

But this time has also given us many occasions to reflect on what it means to be stewards of Dr. Suzuki’s universal message: creating an environment where every child has quality music education, which will be transformative for the world. In reminding ourselves of this message, we feel gratitude for those colleagues, families, and children, who directly or indirectly taught us many lessons about the power of art to comfort, bring us together, and offer hope to our world.

This has also been a year where the British underground slogan “Mind the Gap’ has taken on more meaning: how do we collectively bridge the gap between those who can and those who can’t access quality Suzuki music lessons? How can we teachers stand flexible and open in the middle of the gap between diverse points of view while keeping our listening caps on and our mindful compassion turned on high?

How fortunate we are right now to have music and children as the beacons to propel us forward to find ways to create a different, more empathetic world that recognizes and leaves space for our differences and allows all voices in the choir their place to sing in the sun.

The approach of a New Year is an important time to dream, to take the time to wonder about what might be possible in Suzuki Canada. Maybe a future that has Suzuki teachers for every instrument in every province and territory. Or a future where public funding would support Suzuki schools creating learning environments for both teachers and students. Perhaps a future where Canadian trainers can travel to remote, largely inaccessible areas to develop a strong local Suzuki community. Our future could include a strong Alumni Association of former students and their families who wish to support their life changing Suzuki experiences to future generations.

This is also a time to extend our gratitude and thanks to the countless leaders, Suzuki teachers, and trainers who visited our country over the past forty plus years. Their early leadership, charisma, and commitment to Canadian Suzuki teachers and students planted the seeds for where we are today.

For this we will be forever grateful. Our best wishes to all for 2022!


Please send content to be considered for Short Score inclusion to by the 10th of each month. While we cannot promote individual events or studios, we welcome short reflections on teaching and learning, cultural celebrations, book or podcast reviews, etc.


WSSTE at LaGrange Pet Parade

WSSTE at LaGrange Pet Parade

Submitted by: Edward Kreitman
Our community has sponsored the LaGrange Pet Parade for 75 years. Last year, the parade was virtual, and the organizers invited our performing ensembles to submit recorded music for the background music. This year, we participated in the live parade. It was a wonderful opportunity for our students to perform together live, outdoors and for the parents of those students to meet and bond. Proceeds from the parade go to sponsor local no kill shelters in the Chicagoland area. Photo: Edward Kreitman with Charlie and 28 students from Western Springs School of Talent Education and Naperville Suzuki School.

Have a great picture to share? We are looking for photos of students performing in their community. Did you invite the neighborhood to a book recital? Or the general public to a group concert? Have you played in an assisted living facility, street fair, or mall? Submit your own picture today!

If you are interested in becoming a Premier Business Member please contact Terrence McKenzie.

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