relocating with young string players

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Lisa Matsuda said: Jul 4, 2011
 Suzuki Early Childhood Education
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I will soon be locating to a new area with 2 young violinists + 1 young cellist. I have purchased two student 4/4-violins from two different violin shops here where I still live that are no longer being played by my kids. My need is to secure an instrument for my cellist who can move up to a 1/4-sized instrument. The town where I will be moving to only rents fractional cellos with a rental program that allows purchase credit to accumulate from the rental fees. I can use my violins as trade-in credit toward the purchase of a 1/4 cello, but since I will no longer be in this area, I will probably not be able to return to this same shop when my cellist is ready for a 1/2 cello. I cannot just keep old string instruments, as I need their value to purchase others as my kids grow. Do you think it will be easier to sell a student-model (intermediate quality) 4/4 violin or a higher quality 1/4 cello on my own? I thought that the violin might be easier to sell as it crosses into more musical genres than a cello. But I also know that inexpensive violins are more readily available. I should mention our new area is not a place where fretless instruments are terribly popular (band is the rage). Any thoughts?

Eleanor Bennett said: Jul 4, 2011
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Knapp violins is a great place to rent violins & cellos on line. About
selling your old ones, not sure. Ask Knapp Violins if they will take them
in on a trade.

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Eleanor Bennett

Barb said: Jul 26, 2011
Barb Ennis
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The “fretless” :-) teachers in your new area might be able to answer the questions about selling instruments there.

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