Music theory books for young children

Irene said: Jul 1, 2011
Irene Yeong160 posts


can you please recommend music theory books or activity books for 3 year old?
Any comments on ng ying ying’s music theory for young children or music theory for grade 1?
I would like to have one. preferably that complements suzuki violin. thanks.

Ruth Fry said: Jul 2, 2011
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I have used both of these books. Both are available at There are two levels for the workbook for strings.
1.—Workbook-1-for-Strings-by-Evelyn-Avsharian.axd This one is very basic, large notes. It has pictures relating to the space notes that children can color, pages reinforcing finger numbers, early counting and naming notes on the A and E strings. There are two levels of this book and several other beginning level books by Evelyn Avsharian that I use, even for very easy early music playing from notes. I have used Songs for Little Players, Sliding Fingers (for shifting), etc.

  1. Music Magic’s Violin Activity Book 1 Freddie Fiddle and Betty Bow. By Kendra Law.
    Item # SB100 $21.95 This is also available at Shar’s. There are two levels of this. This is brightly colored, includes stickers and flash cards. It covers beginning counting, string names, violin parts, etc. This would last longer than the first option.

I have used both books with some students. I hope this helps.

Ruth Fry

Irene said: Jul 2, 2011
Irene Yeong160 posts

thanks ruth,

i’ll look into the books, trying to find out, where i can get the books with free shipping to hong kong. thanks.

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