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said: Jun 27, 2011
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I need viola quartets or trios. I have a group of very good viola players that I tutor each week for the youth orchestra. I want to get them playing some ‘all viola’ ensembles now and then for them to really enjoy playing together at the end of a sectional for example. Does anyone have any suggestions?they are at the standard of Suzuki Books 6-8. Thank you!

Jennifer Visick said: Jun 27, 2011
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What immediately comes to mind is the books that Elizabeth Stuen-Walker edited, “Violas in concert” vol.s 1-3.

You may also find some clues as to what to look for here: (I just glanced at this briefly and really don’t know a whole lot about what’s listed there)

And the American Viola Society has a score download list, which includes a category for multiple violas:

For a reference of “what’s out there… somewhere” for viola, there’s always the Zeyringer book (Literatur fur viola) which can be found in a lot of university libraries, and the Primrose International Viola Archive addendum to the Zeryinger online:

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