Looking Forward to Suzuki Summer Institute

Deena said: Jun 26, 2011
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This will be the second year my son and I attend the institute and we are both really looking forward to it. We were nervous, we weren’t what to expect and I didn’t know if he was ready. It almost didn’t come to fruition, I had talked myself out of going the previous year and the only reason why we went is because my son’s grandmother and violin instructors strongly encouraged us to go. Last year was amazing. We started off the week full of energy and enthusiasm. We ended the week exhausted, but full of inspiration, motivation, and joy. We even picked up a few new friends. My son has a couple of buddies he is looking forward to seeing again and I have kept correspondence with some of the moms. I have attempted to convince other parents in town to attend. My son and I have decided to make this into an annual tradition.

The experiences we had and the things we learned in that week were more valuable than what I could ever put into words. I was so moved by the thought that many adults have collaborated and worked so hard to provide a wonderful experience like this for children. I am grateful for last year and excited to be attending again this year. I am also curious to see how this year will be different from the last and eager to learn.

Irene said: Jun 26, 2011
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Suzuki Summer institute, is it only something in the US? Where can I find more info? I am from Hong Kong. Thanks.

Jennifer said: Jul 26, 2011
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@Reei818, there are about 12 families from my school going to the Asia Suzuki Association conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia next week. I am pretty sure that they have not yet reached capacity for their enrollment, and may still be accepting more participants. PM me for details if you like….

If that is too short notice, there will also be the Korea Suzuki Association winter camp in December or January, I believe. I haven’t got information on that one yet, but I can let you know when I find out.

Other institutes in Asia:
Bangkok: the weekend after every Easter
Jakarta: second to last week of June

Next year I will probably be hosting on here in Hong Kong as well.

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Griena Goody said: Oct 16, 2011
Griena Goody Choi-Trask
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Mountain House, CA
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I am interested in going to Korea during summer 2012 to observe Suzuki teaching there. Do you know if anything is happening there in the summer? How can I find out more info about it?

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