3rd fingers aren’t ringing


Amaris Kibbe said: Jun 20, 2011
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The child isn’t reaching high enough for her third fingers. What is an exercise to help her do better when reaching for these?

Rebecca said: Jun 20, 2011
Rebecca SchiblerViolin, Viola
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If this is for violin, use a pizzicato exercise because it makes it really easy to hear the RING when you get it right, and it slows down little fingers if you teach it with the ring as part of the sound. Start with the open string, then move up to 4th finger, and then back down to open. Great for left hand shape too.

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Allison Sargent said: Jun 20, 2011
Allison SargentViolin, Viola
Pflugerville, TX
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I assume this is a violin student. I teach violin and have many games and exercises to play to help train my students ears. One game is to have the parent or teacher play 2 notes far apart and ask if they are the same or different, then get closer and ask again. Try many different intervals then try the same note. Your next step is to ask if the first note is higher or lower than the second note played. You can then show the student that if you play exactly on the tape and a tiny bit off that they are different notes. This might help them realize it’s important to be exact.

Also, it might be a hand placement problem—have the student bring their violin side elbow under the violin further so the knuckles come up and are a bit closer to the fingerboard. They might be playing with their hand too far away. The knuckles should be more parallel to the fingerboard.

Hope that helps.

Allison K. Sargent

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