Need a piano teacher in SF for two terrific students

Karen Christensen said: Jun 15, 2011
Karen ChristensenPiano
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I was so sad to learn that two of my students, sisters, are moving
to the San Francisco Bay area (probably East Bay?) this summer. I would
like to see them placed very well, as they are one of the best families I
have ever worked with. Two girls, 6 and 8, Suzuki trained so far but
both are becoming excellent readers in addition. They are very bright,
very musical, love music, and pick things up super quickly. The mom is a dear, makes a good faith effort to do
everything I ask, and brings me dinner some Wednesdays because she knows
I teach late!!

Does anyone know of a Suzuki piano teacher in the Bay area who would be willing to consider this family?

Sasha Garver said: Jun 16, 2011
Sasha Garver
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Coralville, IA
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Try contacting Holy Names Suzuki Institute and I would also contact Leah Brammer (Suzuki Piano teacher in Palo Alto) for ideas. The Northern California Suzuki Association website may also be a good resource. (SANC)
Hope this helps!

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