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Jenny said: Jun 7, 2011
 98 posts

Hello forum users,

I’m the SAA Webmaster, and these are our new discussion forums!

I’ve rewritten the forum software to make the forums easier to use, better handle the growing spam problem, and allow for adding special features in the future.

Here are a few of the new features and changes:

User Accounts

You now use the same log in account for the entire SAA website, including these forums. (Previously, you had a second account for the forums.)

  • If you had an account with the old forums and the regular SAA website, I’ve done my best to merge the forum account with your SAA account. Just log in with your SAA account to access the forums. Let me know if your SAA account doesn’t appear to be linked with your forum posting history.

  • If you had a forum account but not an SAA account, you’ll use your same forum username to log in to these new forums. Unfortunately, I was not able to preserve your existing password—so you’ll need to reset it to log in. Click the “forgot password?” link on the log in page to send yourself the password reset email. Let me know if you have problems getting in!

  • The black bar at the top of all website pages has links to your account information, private messages, and website settings.


You can now choose to post under your username, first name, or full name.

I’ve merged in your previous forum settings to the new system, but you may want to review your new settings page here:

Regarding merged accounts, if you want to change your SAA account username to match the one you used on the old forums, you can do that here:

Notification Emails

Reply notification emails now contain the actual text of the reply, and you can reply to the email in your regular email program to post to the forum. Private messages work this way too.


  • The Preview button will show you a popup of exactly how your post or private message will look before you submit it.

  • To include a picture or file attachment with your post, click the Polaroid icon above the posting area. This button also lets you include attachments you added to previous posts.

  • Uploading your profile picture is much easier now too. It doesn’t need to be a specific size—it will be scaled down if necessary. Manage your picture and picture settings here:

Look & Feel

The forums now match the look of the rest of the website, and I’ve removed a lot of the visual noise. Let me know if there’s a feature you can’t find on these new forums.

Comments & Questions

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new discussion forums, please email me at [javascript protected email address] or private message me!

Erin Rushforth said: Jun 7, 2011
Erin RushforthInstitute Director
Suzuki Association Member
San Antonio, TX
22 posts

Thank you, Jenny! I like the new look and really appreciate the convenience of having one log-in.

Jack Wallace said: Jun 19, 2011
Jack WallacePiano
Nevada City, NV
1 posts

I love what you’ve done to bring Suzuki into the New Age.

Coutier said: Jul 11, 2011
Coutier Rademaker58 posts

I am delighted with this new set-up. Previously, I checked the chat just now and then and browsed a bit, often when I was too tired to do anything else. And of course sometimes I got deeply involved in a few discussions. That’s why I was already happy and grateful. I believe this is actually the only place in the Suzuki world where we can so easily exchange ideas. Also, because it has so many members, discussions keep moving and remain ‘alive’ a lot longer.

In the new set-up I have chosen the option of receiving all new posts. In the beginning I felt pretty overwhelmed as my iPhone was swamped with chat-messages. But after a week or so I learned to quickly browse through the posts and make quick decisions as to which ones to choose. So I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore and I check the messages every day. Surprisingly that takes little time and I get a lot of valuable information. And I am more active on the chat-page, it is part of my daily Suzuki life now.

So Jenny, I think it was a golden move! Thank you very much indeed.


Paula Bird said: Aug 5, 2011
Suzuki Association Member
Violin, Piano, Viola
Wimberley, TX
404 posts

This looks great, Jenny! Thanks for your hard work on this. It’s greatly appreciated!

Paula E. Bird
TX State University
Wildflower Suzuki Studio (blog) (podcast)

Jenny said: Aug 5, 2011
 98 posts

I’m noticing that the email subscription option generates a lot of email—possibly too much for some people!

So I’m thinking of setting up a daily summary option—just one email per day with all the new posts from yesterday, instead of a new email for each post as it is submitted. You would still have the option of getting immediate emails like it is now.

You wouldn’t be able to reply to the summary email to post your reply to a specific comment—you’d have to go online. But otherwise it would be pretty much the same.

If you’ve got any thoughts on this or other ways to improve our discussion forum, please feel free to post here or private message me!

Sue Hunt said: Aug 25, 2011
Sue HuntViola, Violin
403 posts

I’m really looking forward to the daily summary option. I was enjoying becoming more involved with the email subscription option, but they seem to have stopped.
Music in Practice

Jenny said: Aug 26, 2011
 98 posts

The daily summary option for new discussion posts is now set up. You can change over from individual emails to once-a-day summaries on your web settings page.

Let me know if you run into any problems with this feature!

Debra said: Sep 14, 2011
Debra Cutler
Suzuki Association Member
Toronto, ON
3 posts

Hi Jenny -

The new forum really looks nice!

I have a question, though—what happened to all the old posts? It seems there used to be many more—did they disappear with the revamp? Thanks! ~Debra

Jenny said: Sep 16, 2011
 98 posts

Nope, all the old posts should still be here—you can find them by paging backwards in a forum, or with the search box in the upper right.

Here’s page 10 of the Teachers’ Corner:

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