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Eric Davenport said: Jun 4, 2011
Eric Davenport
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I am organizing a pre twinkle class for students 3-5 and their parents. The class serves as an introduction to the method, so I am not requiring that they rent violins.

I have heard of the margarine box and ruler model, but is there any better or alternative way to make “violins”. What is a good “bow?” I use the thumb-on-the-frog grip, so a dowel might not be the best choice.

Any thoughts on the hardware would be appreciated. Thoughts on games and such using these sort-of-violins would be cool too.


said: Jun 5, 2011
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Here you find hundredths of Pre-Twinkle ideas:

Free Download No. 2:

by Kerstin Wartberg

These Pre-Twinkle Songs are similar to the first songs in the Step-by-Step series. In Pack 1 you will find new songs, old ones rerecorded in a slightly slower tempo or with some other small changes.

Free Download No. 4:
The first 10 teaching steps for a young violin student

Short description: Introductory Lessons for Pre-Twinklers
1. Positioning the feet and bowing
2. Holding the bow
3. Holding the violin
4. First Twinkle Rhythm
5. String crossing from E to A & Rhythm on A
6. Left hand posture & positioning the fingers
7. Preparation technique & the rhythm with three fingers
8. Expanding the tonal range
9. The first Twinkle variation
10. We all play the Twinkle variation and the theme

Autor: Kerstin Wartberg
Download size: 12 pages, 1228 Kb

Laurel said: Jun 6, 2011
Laurel MacCullochViolin
Langley, BC
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I’ve been getting the Cherub box violins from Shar. They come with a wooden dowel bow that has a “frog” on it already. Both are about 1/16 size, reasonably priced, and I tell the kids they can colour it or decorate it with stickers, which they usually really like.


Grace said: Jun 7, 2011
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I made practice bows for a class one time by cutting a wood dowel in half and taping a pink pearl eraser on it with black electrical tape for the frog (= less than $1 per bow).

Grace said: Jun 7, 2011
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I wanted to add: But if you have the budget for $10/student I would just get the Cherub violin set from Shar. (Much easier!)

Lauren said: Jun 7, 2011
Lauren Lamont
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My husband made the “box violins” out of balsa wood and we glued the chin rest and shoulder rest on each using some black foam, cut into the shapes, about 1/2 in thick. The bows were dowels with the pink pearl eraser glued on. It took us a few tries to get the dimentions correct, but they work great! Before that, I was using fiddle-faddle boxes with a ruler. These were inexpensive to make and re-usable from class to class, student to student. My students would have to “graduate” to their Real violins by having the pre-twinkle skills down.

Teresa Henrichs Hakel said: Jun 9, 2011
Teresa Henrichs Hakel
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Houston, TX
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Hey Eric,

You can also get a foamalin from young musicians. I haven’t seen them in person, but I know they come in different sizes, and with a dowel bow with a frog (but no hair, of course.)


Tiffany said: Jun 10, 2011
Tiffany Osborn
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I second the Cherub violins, if you can just make it part of the materials fee when they sign up. They are cheap and easy, and fun to decorate too- I put a sticker on the back for their thumb and 4 stickers on the shoulder where their fingers go to help them hold it with the correct hand the right way. I also use the Zaret shoulder rests which are only a few dollars.

Eric Davenport said: Jun 13, 2011
Eric Davenport
Suzuki Association Member
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Thanks everyone, lots of ideas to choose from!


Monica Lacombe said: May 11, 2013
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Please also be sure to remember that carries foam-a-lins, Twinklemats, Which Hand Tattoos, and complete starter sets for Pre-Twinklers and Twinklers. There is no better source for Twinklers’ needs. Check them out!

Celia Jones said: May 12, 2013
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For a pre-school music session I made box violins with wooden spoons taped to the top of a cereal cartons and cereal bar cartons. For the biggest students you can use jam spoons.

For teeny-tiny 2 1/2 yo kids I used the plastic saw from a toy toolkit, this is great as when they draw it straight across the spoon they make a good sound.

For bigger kids I used a second wooden spoon—I was not teaching bow hold, but by holding the bowl of the spoon it put their hand in the right shape.

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