first performance

Irene said: Mar 14, 2011
Irene Yeong160 posts

how do you prepare for the first performance besides practising at home? maybe i am the one that needs preparation, not my 31 month old daughter, i have butterflies in my stomach and wobbly feet now..

Deanna said: Mar 14, 2011
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Have a practice recital at home for other family members or friends, stuffed animals etc.
Practice where and how to stand, taking a bow, where to point scroll, walking to and from playing spot in rest position. Practice with the piano accompaniment.

And you can just relax! This is the time to clap and smile and cheer! Everyone will love your daughter’s performance even if all she does is stand there in rest position.

said: Mar 17, 2011
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Make sure your video camera is charged up and ready to go. Get a good seat so you can photograph her debut easily without someone’s head in the way. Take lots of still photos too—when my daughter graduated from high school, she included the photo from her first recital in her senior recital program. Have fun and enjoy the journey (wish we were just starting out again!)!!

Irene said: Mar 19, 2011
Irene Yeong160 posts

concert went well. she was crying on the way there, i dont know why, maybe the ride in the taxi was too long for her. she cried as she entered the theatre and i thought she wont perform. but her performance went well. she played A, A, E, E, F, F, E then bowed to the audience. I’ve practise with her many times at home “Do you like violin?”, she was supposed to answer ” I love violin”, but we didnt practise presenting a real flower to her at home, so at the concert yesterday, when the mc asked her “do you like violin?”. she said “flower”.. “flower”.. holding the flower in her hand..
we had lots of fun. she kept wanting to go back to the stage and play violin. i had to stop her by carrying her to the backstage. the after concert dinner celebration was great. she played violin and “danced” at the same time, imitating her violin teacher. not really danced, but bouncing her knees up and down while pretending to play. the best part is watching her playing violin and having fun.

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