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Irene said: Jan 10, 2011
Irene Yeong160 posts

not sure if i should give the upcoming concert a go. it is in march and my daughter is really not ready for it at this stage, she is 29 months old now. the teacher is not earning anything from the concert, in fact all students have to chip in their share for the venue rental, etc. if i dont let my daughter performance, the teacher probably has to fork out a lot of money from her side as i doubt other young kids will take part in the concert.
how if i tell the teacher that, we will chip in the $$ for concert, do our practise but if last minute, my daughter refuses to go on stage , just let it be?
does this sound alright?

Sara said: Jan 11, 2011
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with children, any age, one never can predict their behavior. All you can do is practice, and practice performing. Perhaps you could invite some of your daughter’s friends over for a “concert”. Dress your daughter up, set up a pretend stage. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Then serve cookies afterwards.
Do you have any family she can “perform” for? Practice performing for Aunts/Uncles/Grandparents etc.
This way she gets used to the idea of playing for people and give her a better chance of being comfortable on stage at the recital.
Usually little children are not shy about performing. They haven’t built up the reservations yet that adults have. Just make sure that on the day of the concert she has had enough water, food and rest. Being hungry, thirsty or tired is what will tip a child over the edge more than anything.

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