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Irene said: Dec 8, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

my 27 month old daughter always want to play my violin 4/4 during practise. why is this so? she doesnt like to play her 1/32. should i get her a 1/16?

Jennifer Visick said: Dec 8, 2010
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Does your child have a chance to watch other people (of significance in her life) play small instruments? Perhaps you (the adult) should only practice the full size violin when your child is not present, and begin practicing on the small instrument when your child is around.

Very young children go through phases—sometimes wanting to do what their parents do and use the tools their parents use, other times finding joy in having tools that are “just their size” and “their own”.

P.S. Of course you should ask your teacher about this!

And don’t get a bigger instrument without checking with your teacher first, either!

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