Irene said: Nov 24, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

which brand and model of metronome can be used to check the beat of a particular music or song? i need one to check which pce is of 60 beat.

Laura said: Nov 25, 2010
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You are in luck… 60 is the easiest to check, and you don’t even need a metronome for that! Metronome markings refer to how many beats per minute. So 60 = 60 beats per minute, or exactly one per second. 120 would be two beats per second.

If you would like to purchase a metronome, there are two categories:

  1. Mechanical—you wind them up, and there is an arm that goes back and forth in a “tick-tock” manner. The larger versions look like large wooden pyramids and are among the most expensive, but good quality. You can get smaller ones that fulfill the same purpose. The benefit of mechanical metronomes is the action of the swinging arm, because it gives a clear visual way to follow the beat.

  2. Electronic—these are battery operated, and can range from a basic metronome (beat only) to something with many extra features such as different tempo styles (jazzy, etc.), different rhythmic patterns (e.g. triplets), tuning aids (e.g. A, E, etc.) and earphone jacks. The actual beat keeping is a synthesized noise and a matching blinky light that can be used in various combinations.

Personally, I find that the electronic ones are more suitable for experienced musicians who already have a good sense of timing and rhythm, and just need something compact and handy as a simple reference, with or without the bells and whistles. I believe that beginners get more out of mechanical ones because the swinging arm makes the beat more obvious and easy to follow. Just my own opinion and experience, though—I’m sure that many find the electronic ones just fine for other reasons.

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