Irene said: Nov 24, 2010
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besides suzuki cd1, is there any materials i can use to complement violin practise at home? there is this website i found, unfortunately, they dont ship to outside of US.

any ideas? thanks.

said: Nov 26, 2010
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There are many violin students and teachers in the whole Suzuki world who are using the Step-by-Step-series as practice help for the pieces of the Suzuki Violin School.
The German author Kerstin Wartberg studied with Dr. Suzuki.

Because Dr. Suzuki was busy to develop his method, as well as his involvement in the world-wide spread of his ideas, he asked Kerstin Wartberg to continue his works: “How to Study the Violin” (book), and “Practice with me” (cassettes) and adapt these works for present-day students and teachers. The results are the Step-by-Step-series (books and CDs for violin students book 1-3, published by Alfred) and the series “Recital Training” (books and CDs for violin students book 4 and up, published by Edition Peters).

I am very enthusiastic about these series. Since my students are working with these exercise books and CDs they learn much easier, quicker and with more quality the pieces of the Suzuki Violin School because of practicing in three different tempos, additional exercises with beautiful piano accompaniments (for scales, shifting, double stops, vibrato etc.), many good explanations, photos, advicises for parents and hundredths of good practicing ideas.
Here you can get some more information:

Irene said: Nov 28, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

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