New Suzuki Method Inspired Gift Shop

Julie Zobel said: Nov 2, 2010
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Hi Suzuki Parents and teachers,

I am a musician (trumpet player), music teacher, and now a Suzuki mom (my 4 yr old daughter plays piano)! I have recently opened an online Gift Shop that has music themed gifts for students and teachers of the Suzuki Method. We have music note, instrument, and Twinkle Star jewelry, piano and violin cufflinks, custom musician silhouettes, ornaments, Mississippi Hot Dog t-shirts, Suzuki quote stationary, and more. My favorite item is the Twinkle Charm Milestone bracelet which has a charm for each Twinkle variation along with one for their instrument. All items are shipped and wrapped free and include free surprises! I have started a system where you can select 10% of the purchase price be donated back to a local music ensemble of your choice (you must e-mail me with the group’s info ahead of time)

In the very near future, I will be uploading free practice games and materials to the site as well. Please visit when considering purchasing a special gift for your little star!

Enter Promo Code: for ARNFA1280561 for 10% off!!!

Thank you!! Julie Zobel

Ruth Brons said: Nov 3, 2010
Ruth Brons
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Congratulations on your thoughtful shop—I especially like the Mississippi Hot Dog tee!

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