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said: Nov 26, 2009
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I am looking to purchase a decent used 1/32 violin for my 4 year old son (who is tiny). We have not been sucessful finding one locally. I came across this site and noticed someone knew of some in October. Can you please email me if you know of any still available?

Connie Sunday said: Nov 28, 2009
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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I know of two: one is $100 from SAGA music, the other is $400 from Howard Core. Photos are as follows:

K500 from Howard Core

SAGA SV-50 (this one is 1/16 and used)

I contacted SAGA when you mentioned this initially and the distributor has about 30 of these in stock in the 1/32nd size. We’re retailers and I’d be happy to get one for you.

(888) 823-3675

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said: Dec 1, 2009
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Greetings! There is a violin shop in Gainesville, Florida that ships throughout the United States. Their customer service is beyond reproach. We have one violin from this shop: a 1/4 in the “Fritz” line that is fabulous. It has a rich, warm tone. It was $650. I know they have at least a couple of less expensive lines. Click on the “catalog” page to peruse the selections. Jan van Rooyen and his associates go out their way to add value to each instrument. Currently, they are working on a 3/4 for my daughter (we have 2 Suzuki students).

I know I sound like an overzealous cheerleader but I’m really of fan of the place. We drive 2 hours to this shop rather than the local one because we’re that pleased.

Good luck!

Sue Hunt said: Oct 31, 2010
Sue HuntViola, Violin
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He will probably have grown considerably by now but just is case anyone else is interested, Gliga do nice 1/32 size instruments which suit children with very thin delicate fingers, their fingerboards being on the narrow side.

Connie Sunday said: Oct 10, 2012
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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I get a lot of hits on my “Specials” page from this thread (which I can no longer edit), so I investigated a little bit with one of my distributors. What I gather is that the millimeter measurements of these 1/32nd instruments are not consistent, and that some of them are nearly as large as the 1/16th. (178-203 mm. back varianace).

It’s really a hard thing for dealers to deal with, so to speak, because the customer may find that (a) the instrument has no to poor sound; and/or (b) it’s really not that much different than the 1/16th.

However, if you really want one, the K500 is about the best sounding one I think you can get:

It’s like the 7/8 size; you can get one, but you’d end up having to deal with it, later, and it’s probably best to stay with the conventional sizes. (IMHO).

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Laura said: Oct 15, 2012
Laura Mozena
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Hello all, I am sorry because I am just now seeing this post and I could have helped. I am going to post some info anyway just in case someone else is interested. I sell three differant violins this size on my website Even though I have tried several different makers of 1/32 size violins I am most happy with the quality of these:

Johannes Kohr K500 mentioned above.
Stentor 1400—less expensive but still good quality and also available in 1/64 size
Core Academy Core 10

I also Rent Violins of all sizes!

Laura Mozena
[javascript protected email address]

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