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Marcie said: Mar 25, 2009
Marcie BrownCello
Alameda, CA
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Hi there,

Does anyone know of the perfect cello chair for my 7 year old? We looked at the grow with me chair online, but we would have to fly with it—and it doesn’t look like this one comes apart. ANy ideas or thoughts?

Thanks—Marcie and Isabelle in Alameda, California

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Barb said: Mar 27, 2009
Barb Ennis
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Hi Marcie,

I don’t have experience with the Grow With Me chair, and the ads don’t show if they break down very well.

You will find a folding chair that goes as low as 13 inches and one that goes as low as 14 inches at http://www.johnsonstring.com (search chair). They fold flat, but I don’t know how well the weight/dimentions will work for you.

They also sell a child-size drum throne which goes as low as 13 inches. (search stool)

I don’t know how easily they travel, or exactly how low they adjust to, but some also use adjustable keyboard benches.

I just started teaching this year, so went with a low-budget solution to begin with—buckets! Perhaps with some good packing tape you could use one to double as a suitcase! Or buy one at your destination and donate the contents to a good cause. (Mine, 12 inches and 14 inches high, held laundry detergent.) I stitched up a cushion/skirt combination to dress them up a bit, leaving side slits for the convenient carry handles! One drawback is that they don’t accommodate a Xeros type endpin anchor, so in one venue where we didn’t have carpet I needed to bring a mat.

Not sure how to attach a photo here, but if you’d like one emailed to you, let me know.
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said: Dec 3, 2009
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Hi there,

I am a professional cellist. Maybe my invention, the “AdjustRite” musician’s chair is your answer. You may learn more details of the chair from the descriptions and reviews written by one of the retailers.

The “ADJUSTRITE” Musician’s Chair just may be the greatest musicians chair ever! A cellist designed this innovative chair especially for musicians. The padded back gives you enough support to help you sit correctly, making it very comfortable for those long gigs or practice sessions. At just under 19 lbs, this chair is sturdy and lightweight. And on top of all that, this chair folds up neatly and easily for convenient transport and storage! You can easily adjust the height of the chair, so it will fit both children and adults equally well. Buttons on the legs adjust the leg height in 1″ increments, so you can adjust the chair to suit yourself comfortably, whether you prefer a flat seat or a slight downward slope. In its lowest position, the front edge of the seat is 15″ high and at its highest position the front edge of the seat is 20″ high. This well-designed, comfortable, sturdy, easy-to-use, adjustable folding chair will be a great addition to your music room or studio.

You can search Google for the images of the chair and the stool.

Available stores in Los Angeles are:
Old town Music: 42 E. Colorado Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91105 626-793-4730
Benning Violins: 11340 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 818-762-1374
Robert Cauer: 2242 Cahuenga Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90068 323-460-6815
Thomas Metzler: 604 S. Central Ave. Glendale, CA 91204 818-246-0278
Sylvia Woods Harp Center: 2946 Foothill Blvd, Suite B, La Crescenta CA 91214 (800) 272-4277

If you are not in Los Angeles area, you may send an email to [javascript protected email address] and I will find a retail store near you.

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