Question for the parents !


Anna said: Dec 20, 2008
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What games do 3 and a half year old boys enjoy the most ? I’m starting to teach a child this young and I need your help ! ;-)

Eve Weiss said: Dec 26, 2008
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Here are a few that I’ve seen work with my son or with other young boys (often girls as well for that matter):

“mildly competitive” might work. When the student gets something right (bow bunny, bow hold, foot position etc.) their toy car (or frog, or dinosaur…) moves one space forward. If the teacher finds a mistake, the teacher’s car moves forward.

Find a flip game or old hand held cardboard “pin ball” kind of game and let them play the game once for each correct item. Same can be done with any annoying noise maker (cowbell, electronic gizmo, etc.). Some boys like to make a big noise…

Fix the teacher. Fix the parent.

Perform for the audience of stuffed animals, robots or figures.

Parents are of course the big motivator so keep them involved/inspired.

Laurel said: Dec 26, 2008
Laurel MacCulloch
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Kids this young learn the best with their whole bodies. So here’s a listening game I’ve used with Prep classes:

Teacher plays whole notes on open strings. For G, students touch their toes. For D, they touch their knees. For A, they touch their shoulders, and for E they touch the sky!

For very active kids, I’ll sometimes have them touch their heads for E string—sometimes they’re so active that “touch the sky” makes them jump around and get out of hand.

I do the strings in order (low to high or vice versa), then in later lessons mix them up as they get better at identifying which sound it is. Of course they will mix up the middle notes (D and A) the most.

Later I will change it, and do an A+ arpeggio; the notes are closer together—Open A is for feet, C# is for knees, E is for shoulders and high A is for the sky.

Toward the end of the year I might make it even more challenging, and do A-B-C#-D, as their listening gets better. I can also refer to these directions if, when learning new songs, they’re not really getting where the notes are going.


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