Daycare for home-based instructor?

said: Apr 21, 2008
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Our Suzuki violin teacher teaches out of her home. She is expecting her first child in couple of months. She is taking the summer off from teaching and resuming lessons in September. What kind of day-care arrangements can I expect her to have? What do other home-based teachers do? How can approach this subject with her without sounding cold-harded? I have read other posts regarding home-based instruction is a business, and the problems with young siblings…..on the other hand I am paying her for lessons, not to coo over her cute baby. (see I am being cold-harded). Thanks for any input.

Grace said: Apr 21, 2008
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I would just ask your teacher what her plans are. Is there a reason you feel uncomfortable asking? I don’t think it is cold-hearted at all. It is a very valid business question.

For me, my husband watches our 1-year-old while I teach. His job allows him to come home Tues/Thur afternoons while I teach. Another common arrangement is for teachers to hire a teenager (even their own teenage students for a tuition reduction) to babysit while they are teaching.

Laura said: Apr 21, 2008
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I have arrangements for family members (husband, grandma) to look after my kids while I teach. They stay in a different part of the house and out of earshot (as best possible—it’s still a house, with no soundproof studio rooms) during lessons.

I do have a few parents who absolutely love having my kids around, assuming they can play quietly enough. With other families, I am pretty sure they wouldn’t tolerate it and would consider it unprofessional. I just try to arrange things accordingly—e.g. I don’t have any of the “business-only” families slotted at a time when there is a risk that my husband might be late coming home from work, for example.

But overall, all the parents are quite understanding as required, and I am most appreciative. I am always very clear and open about my situation regarding having kids around, and I suppose it’s still their choice to keep me as their teacher. I haven’t lost any students yet because of my kids, but if they chose to leave for that reason, I would understand that.

Laurel said: Apr 22, 2008
Laurel MacCulloch
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I am a teacher, and we are lucky enough to have an (unlicensed) daycare on our street. So I send my kids there when I am teaching, and factor in the cost in my fees. There’s no way I could actually teach while my kids are around—maybe on an occasional day, but not on a regular basis.

When they were babies, I was teaching on Saturdays when my husband was around. However, it was hard if they happened to be making noise!


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