Bobbie said: Aug 1, 2007
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The middle of last month I made a deal with my son, that if we could practice every day for 100 days, we could go out for seafood (a big lure because he loves the stuff). Anyway, it seems to be working. I don’t care if all he is willing to do is get the violin out and stand in rest position until I count to 10, just as long as he is learning the importance of doing something with the violin every day. I read something yesterday in “To Learn with Love” about confidence. It said that a child builds confidence from daily practice, so they are excited about showing the improved skill to the teacher. I’m just giving my interpretation. Even if I understood it wrong, I think it was the right way for me to interpret what I read.
ANYWAY, I’m so HAPPY about the quality of my son’s last lesson, that I had to tell anyone who would listen. He did really well. He wasn’t quite ready for learning when we got there, so the teacher reviewed with me first, during this time my son was singing all of the “Twinkle Variations”, and then it was his turn. He did GREAT!
So, now does anyone have any suggestions about sharing a 45 minute lesson with your child? I’m wondering if it helps them with their lessons, through observing and sharing the experience?

Rachel Schott said: Aug 3, 2007
Rachel SchottViolin
Harrogate, TN
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I think the most important thing kids learn by sharing the lesson time is that adults are learners, too. It must be hard to make mistakes in front of people who never do! People who read better, know more, drive a car, speak fluently….how intimidating that must be for a little one! :)

Audone: Graciously listen to your teacher, laugh when you goof up, admit when things are not coming easily to you, and stick to it!

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