Reviews for Book 6 and Above

said: Feb 20, 2007
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Is it crazy for a Book 6 violin student to be reviewing all the way back to Book 1? Would love to hear from other parents as to what their Book 6+ students do in terms of review.

said: Feb 20, 2007
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Ideally, my book six child would use the same rotation schedule for her suzuki repetoire. Unfortunately, orchestra, scales, etudes and the working piece have to find time in her day. Now I really stress practicing the book 4-6 songs on the rotation schedule, especially because she is constantly reviewing 1-3 with her younger sisters.

If there is a non-suzuki concert, she may have to do other materials for a week prior, but then I have to strongly advise her to go back to the repetoire rotation schedule. If she has missed several days in a row, she may review one book/day until she has “caught up”.

You ddn’t say how yours is handling the review.

Elizabeth Gassler said: Apr 11, 2007
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I’m a former Suzuki cellist myself and now a Suzuki teacher. I believe that once I got into books 6+ I reviewed one piece from books 2 and up per day and multiple book one pieces per day. All the twinkles counted as one piece, as they are short and easy. Once I reviewed the early book 1 pieces (3 or 4 a day), I started only playing 2 a day. I found that using this rotation helped immensly, not only with keeping the pieces under my fingers, but also with warming up and being able to focus on tone production, bow placement, rhythm, etc. Also, I occasionally went through and played all the pieces in G or D or whatever key my working piece was in to get that in my ears very solidly. Review, once you’ve reached a higher level, is something that is done differently for everyone. Experiment and see what works best for you!

Jennifer Visick said: Apr 12, 2007
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I’m a teacher and former student, not a parent, but I saw this topic and wanted to post an idea I heard from Edward Kreitman in a seminar about practical practicing. He says that he has his students review one book behind their current working piece. So a book 2 student reviews all of book one until they are about half way through book two, then they cut out the first half of book one, a student starting book 3 reviews all of book 2 every day until they are about halfway through book 3, etc.

His logic was that all the pieces in one book will be using the techniques from the previous book in new or more sophisticated ways—so that an occasional review of the music from previous books is fine, but to keep technique in tip-top shape, only reviewing the previous book (daily) is necessary. (If a student does this from the beginning of their study, they are not likely to forget book 1 pieces, having reviewed them all every day since they were learned until the time they got to the end of book 2).

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