Suzuki vs. other musical programs

said: Aug 27, 2006
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Hi again. Thanks for helping me out with my last question, and based on the responses, I have a follow up question.

Someone recommended using Kindermusik or Music for young children for a child under 3. Can you let me know why you would not recommend continuing with either of these programs after the child turns 3? Any breakout of advantages vs. disadvantages of the other programs compared to the Suzuki method would be helpful.


said: Aug 28, 2006
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Since age three is the minimum start age for a Suzuki program, there would be no need to continue in Kindermusic or another enrichment program once you begin your Suzuki lessons. The advantage of switching to Suzuki at age three is that your child will actually begin study on an instrument (violin or piano or whatever you are choosing) whereas Music Together and other similar program don’t provide instruction on an instrument. Of course, if you feel your child isn’t ready to begin an instrument at age 3, you could continue in an enrichment program until age 4 or 5 and begin Suzuki a little bit later.

Laurel said: Aug 29, 2006
Laurel MacCulloch
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Langley, BC
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I don’t see any reason why they can’t continue in both programs after they turn 3. For example, in the school I teach in, the children have a Kodaly class in addition to the Suzuki private/group lessons, I find it a big help in reinforcing pitch and rhythm.


said: Aug 29, 2006
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Yes, you could take the lessons along with the enrichment class, but speaking as a parent of multiple children taking multiple lessons on multiple instruments—it becomes very expensive! In a school setting, you’re already paying a set tuition, so an additional music offering (Orff, Kodaly, etc) is a great benefit. But, if you are paying a la carte, it might not be the most economical option. For most three year olds, I think a weekly private plus a weekly Suzuki group is plenty enough—I have done Kindermusic with my kids when they were two and three years old, and they really outgrew the porgram once they started on an instrument. That may not be the case with every child, just with mine.

Irene said: Sep 8, 2010
Irene Yeong160 posts

My daughter attended Kindermusik when she was 17 months old until she turns 2 yo last month. Kindermusik is really good before she starts formal suzuki lesson. She really enjoys it, helps her to learn to be attentive in class and listen to instruction from her suzuki teacher now.
But I wont continue with both. Reason being, I work full time and only bring her to Suzuki violin on saturday. With her limited attention span now, I dont think she can go for 2 activities. She still needs her afternoon nap.

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