Leave instruments out?

Ghost People said: Mar 25, 2006
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Curious about what other parents do when the instruments are not in use. In our house, they are strings. We have recently begun to let our mid book one children have access to their instruments by leaving them in an available, but safe, place. All of a sudden, they are playing more, improvising, etc. However, one is still solidifying his violin positioning. He is really enjoying this extra playing, especially since he finds practice to be frustrating, but his posture/position is not as refined as I expect in practice. I do feel that joy with his instrument is a necessity, but fear that this may compromise his form. Of course, he continues to practice with me daily, emphasizing proper form. Any thoughts from parents and teachers would be appreciated!

Corinne said: Mar 26, 2006
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As a piano teacher I encourage parents to let their students play around on the piano, improvising, transposing, just having fun! I would check with your violin teacher for her opinion, though. :)

Colleen said: Mar 29, 2006
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As a violin teacher and parent, as long as they are safe, leave them out. Easier to get to and in eyesight, perhaps more practicing. Anything to encourage practicing.

Ghost People said: Mar 30, 2006
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We leave our violins (3 in all) on top of the piano. My 5 year old (1/2 way through book one) will go and get her violin just for fun! When we are not practicing, I only comment if she is out of tune. Sometimes I’ll take the violin and retune, then hand it back. Now she brings it to me when it is out of tune and she wants to play “her pretty songs” on her own. The book 5 child will walk by, pick it up, play a tune, put it down. Sometimes she goes ahead and practices without me,

When the twins (5years) play on their own, that does not count as practice time. Its just fun. Sometimes I get serenades in the shower, sometimes I wake up to twinkle/ It is just part of their life.

My life is just too hectic to spend all that time setting up their violins and replacing them every day!

said: Mar 31, 2006
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We leave a cello and a violin out all the time… the piano is always open and easily accessible (and that fact was the primary reason I started looking to keep the other instruments out as well).

We use a String Swing for the violin. It attaches to the stand and thus keeps the instrument from being bumped as people walk by because the foot print of our stand is wide enough. The bow hangs with the violin and the shoulder rest stays on the violin. (Be sure to use a good quality sturdy stand for this though.)

We use a floor stand (Ingles Instrument Stand) for the cello, it is adjustable so the endpin can stay out and the bow hooks on the back of the stand. This also has a decent footprint to keep the cello safe, as well as a “latch” of sorts at the neck to keep if from tipping.

I have noticed a huge improvement in the amount of playing that my children are doing now that we have these units. The instruments need to be checked for tuning before playing but that is it! To have the cello set up for my younger child is just great.

I would highly recommend using either of these units.

NOTE: You may want to use a humidifier (one of those snakey guys) if your house is particularly dry, and keep these units away from a heat vent.

Ghost People said: Apr 8, 2006
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:D :D :D

Ghost People said: Apr 9, 2006
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