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said: Apr 6, 2011
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I have some siblings who want to play duets together.
The younger child is playing Book 1 Allegretto and the older one is up to Waltz in book 2.
I want a book with many duets in it hopefully, my plan is that they play one a week together, so they need to be easy. They are quite old and both read music slowly.

Thank you

Michelle said: Apr 6, 2011
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I Can Read Music volume 2 by Joanne Martin is almost entirely one line duets, but as it’s focused on developing reading skills, the duets aren’t always the most melodic. They do sneak in some recognizable tunes here and there. But it’s great if they want to work on reading skills and want to chug through a bunch quickly.

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said: Apr 8, 2011
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The “Beautiful Music for Two Stringed Instrument” books are a nice series with different levels, starting very easy. You can also mix and match instrument combinations—any configuration of cello, violin or viola.

Victoria said: Apr 21, 2011
Victoria PolingViola, Violin
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Thanks, celloteacher! I am looking for some duets for a viola student to play with her sister, who is a cellist, and I will check out Beautiful Music. Are there Book 3 level duets in those books?

said: Apr 25, 2011
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Yes, I think there are 4 or 5 books each getting progressively more difficult in the series.

Kelby Horton said: Jun 25, 2011
Kelby Horton1 posts

I have used the following publications from Lorenz.com, my absolute favorite company!

Let’s Duet (just bought this and LOVE it) also for other stringed instruments

They also have Let’s Duet in volumes 2 and 3 that are a bit more difficult.

Kid’s Counterpoint 1 (also for violin and viola, and violin and cello)

Kid’s Counterpoint 2

Elementary Violin Trios (yeah, a trio, I know. Also comes in a string trio, viola trio, and cello trio version)

Jacob Litoff said: Jun 26, 2011
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These duets by Lee Burswold for viola and cello I think are cute and not too hard at all.


This viola/cello duet by Albrechtsberger is 2 movements and the 2nd one I liked very much. The viola part is not hard at all. Maybe a couple shifts to 3rd position. The cello part is a little more challenging with a few measures in tenor clef, but it is a very nice piece.

For duets with 2 violins I love the 2 volumes of Bartok duets.

a few of those bartok duets are arranged for 2 cellos. I like to use that with my cello students too. They’ve been arranged for 2 violas too.

Doflein has a wonderful set of pieces for 3 violins called “Progressive Pieces for 3 violins”. I often use these with my students and sometimes write out one of the lines for viola or cello.

Rachel Schott said: Jun 30, 2011
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For violin duets, try Wohfarhrt’s Easiest Elementary Method—the whole BOOK is duets! The student part is for absolute beginners and moves quickly and methodically. The teacher part would be suitable for a sibling at the level of Waltz.

Diane said: Jun 30, 2011
Diane AllenViolin
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Don’t for get Rounds and Canons by Starr!

Videos of student violin recitals and violin tutorials.

Christine Danielewicz said: Sep 30, 2011
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Don’t for get Rounds and Canons by Starr!

Can anyone tell me how the string edition of Canons and Rounds is different than the piano edition? From looking at the website, they appear to be the same. I need to buy multiple copies, so if I can get one edition that both the pianists, strings and flute can use, that would be wonderful.

Thank you!

Barb said: Sep 30, 2011
Barb Ennis
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Hi Christine,

I don’t have it in front of me, but I did have one go through my hands on an order for a sibling of my students. All I remember is that the piano one comes in two volumes, and includes some—easier?- at the beginning of the book? (sketchy memory)—additional tunes. There is cross reference to the strings numbering. If you like, I can ask my student’s parent to bring it to our group Sunday and have a closer look, if no one else here can help you.

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Christine Danielewicz said: Oct 1, 2011
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Thank you, Barb—I would appreciate that :-)

Barb said: Oct 4, 2011
Barb Ennis
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Okay, she brought volume 1 and here are some observations:

Left side of page has bass clef, right side of page, treble.

Additional songs not included in strings books.

No bowings marked—phrase markings instead. Probably the teacher could use colored pencil to mark the different instruments’ articulations, slurs, etc. as desired.

Cello books include tenor clef in more advanced pieces—I’m sure they won’t use that in the piano book. And of course the viola book would use alto clef.

Some of the later pieces they are not simple rounds, but actually two, three, and four parts. Since my parent didn’t bring volume 2, I don’t know what that would look like in the piano book.

I am really enjoying using the book with my cello students, btw! It starts with very simple 4 bar rounds like Why Doesn’t My Goose and For Health and Strength, includes favorites like Dona Nobis Pacem, Shalom, Tzena Tzena, Amazing Grace, a variation on Witches’ Dance, and music by Beethoven, Mozart, Brahms, Palestrina, Haydn, Telemann, and originals by Starr.

Hope that helps!
edit to add some links: Rounds and Canons Violin
Rounds and Canons—Piano
You can find cello or viola from there, I’m sure!


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Christine Danielewicz said: Oct 5, 2011
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Thank you! That helps very much. I think I’ll order a couple of extra piano books for now and put strings books in my budget for next year when we have progressed a little and have a few more instruments in our chamber group. Some of my piano students are adding string instruments to their studies, and we have found some high school students who want to play with us, so that will be delightful :-)

Thanks again!
Chris D.

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