Spring Cleaning!

Ruth Brons said: Apr 5, 2011
Ruth Brons
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In my violin studio, each spring my students and I like to take a small break from the regular lesson routine
to find the shine on the instrument, review the names of the parts of the instrument,
and nurture the power of pride of ownership.

This tradition stems from one of my first teaching jobs as a young teacher:
I was to be the upper strings specialist in a Catholic girls high school in South Philadelphia,
and was shown the closet full of grimy instruments prior to the start of the school year.
I immediately set about to cleaning them up, and the nuns stopped me.
“Let the girls clean them up, as pride is a powerful thing!” they said.
Good advice I have followed for decades now, only now I do it each spring.

For violins, violas and cellos, all it can take is a roll of paper towels,
lemon oil to clean the “brown and shiny parts” and rubbing alcohol for the “black and silver parts.”

What do other instruments need for spring cleaning?

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