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Gabriel Villasurda said: Feb 25, 2011
Gabriel VillasurdaViolin, Viola
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I have just added 96 pages of materials and 70+ midi files to my website:

These new pages (entitled TUNE IN MULTIPLE KEYS) comprise 24 familiar folk and patriotic tunes, each in several keys. The intention is to get students to master all the “black keys” of the string fingerboard and to escape the all-too-common D-major straightjacket. There is a midi accompaniment for every item.

These go along with what Suzuki books II and III hope to accomplish. The materials are fully fingered for cello and bass by professional level teachers, so any combination of string instruments can play together.

For public school teachers, I should think this would fit in with most people’s curricula for second and third year students—6th and 7th grade.

Everything is free and 100 percent commercial-free. Photocopy at will. No copyright.

As ever, your comments are welcome.

Gabriel Villasurda
Ann Arbor MI

Sara said: Feb 25, 2011
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Thank you for making this so available! I’m sure this will be so helpful for my students!

“What is man’s ultimate direction in life? It is to look for love, truth, virtue, and beauty.” Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

said: Feb 27, 2011
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Thank you so much. Your material will be so useful and thank you so much for your invaluable imput to this web site.

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