Help! Hand keeps sliding!

Pia said: Feb 5, 2011
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Is there any invention/ aid for keeping the beginners hand at the back of the fingerboard, preventing the hand from sliding forward? I use to put a sticker (a blue dot) on the place where the base of the indexfinger is supposed to be and draw a spot on the students hand: “spot to dot”. But- it works only on 50 or 60% of the students (the ones who are practicing proberly and under supervision), the others do neglect this direction since this requires attentiveness and in their cases, the hand slides forward while playing and in short time, no Finger are near any stripe anymore..! Then they “pancake” the wrist und pull fingers downwords, hoping anyway to hit the stripe in time.. Soo frustrating! Aren’t there any “foolproof” aid? Something to attach to the fingerboard that keeps the hand in place (until they have developed confidence in hitting the stripes by stretching the fingers and not sliding with the whole hand)?
Please help!

Deanna said: Feb 5, 2011
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I don’t know of any things to attach to the fingerboard but can the students hear that twinkle (or whatever song) doesn’t sound like twinkle when their hand is further up? Maybe have them be the teacher and play twinkle two ways—one with your hand in position and one with it sliding up. Ask them which one sounded like twinkle and why the other didn’t. Then have them sing just one phrase of twinkle and then play it—making it sound the same as their singing.

Also are their violins the right size? If the violins are too big often the hand will creep up just because the arm muscles are fatigued.

Hope that helps!

said: Feb 9, 2011
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I use a “corn cushion.” Kind of gross, but I get these in the “foot help” section of Target. It’s a raised little cushion with a hole in the middle. It really helps them to feelwhere the thumb should go instead of trying to see where it should go, which is pretty hard to do from the angle they’re at. I also use one of these on the bow at first so they know where their bow thumbs go.

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