High Knuckles on bow hand


Ashley said: Dec 20, 2010
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I have two students who have a hard time keeping low, soft, relaxed knuckles on their bow hand while playing. I’ve tried using analogy upon analogy (fingers relaxed like wet noodles over the stick, fingers shaped like plains, not mountains, and more), and I’ll have them play slow review pieces and stop once the bow gets to the frog and lower knuckles/release any tension… Both students can make what appears to me to be a beautiful bow hold, but within 2 or 3 measures the fingers are tense and tall again.


Ruth Brons said: Dec 20, 2010
Ruth Brons
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The Bow Hold Buddies bow accessory is quite effective at relaxing the bow hand.
In fact, it is the very benefit that convinced me to manufacture the accessory set.
With the thumb, index and pinky fingers securely in place and in control, the middle fingers and hand
relax beautifully.

Diane said: Dec 20, 2010
Diane AllenViolin
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I would totally focus on the thumb position for a while.

Also—if the analogies aren’t working—go totally hands on and model the position for them as well as guide them.

The rest may fall into place.

Videos of student violin recitals and violin tutorials.

Jennifer Visick said: Dec 21, 2010
Jennifer VisickForum Moderator
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you might want to check the left hand for tension. Sometimes the symmetry between hands transfers—if one hand is tense, the other will be too; if one hand is relaxed, the other is more likely to to be relaxed.

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