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Andrea French said: Oct 7, 2010
Andrea French
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Hello Fellow Suzuki Teachers!

I have a cello student who has recently broken his left collar bone. :( He’s 6 years old, and a Twinkler. He’ll be in an arm sling for at least 6 weeks. Does anyone have some suggestions on games for his bow arm, rhythm, etc. to keep his interest while he heals? He’s very bright and can get bored easily.
Many Thanks!

Melissa Suzanne said: Oct 25, 2010
Melissa Suzanne Bechtel
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I’m a violinist so I don’t know how these ideas will work for cello. When my sister broke her left wrist, her teacher worked on note reading with her. But she was a little more advanced, somewhere in book 3. You said he is bright. I have a Twinkler student who has figured out the bowings of nearly all the book one songs from listening to the cds. She just listens and then plays the rhythms on open strings on her violin. I’m sorry I don’t have many ideas. I’ll be thinking about it.

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