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Connie Sunday said: Sep 23, 2010
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I had been hoping to find photos of Mr. Galamian for years and finally found some on Facebook. Two of the graphics were of an article written about him after his death, but I was unable to make out all the text. However, one of my adult piano students is a librarian and she was able to find the original article for me in the NY Times archives. So here it is:
Ivan Galamian (1903-1981)[/size]

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said: Oct 8, 2010
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Thank you for posting this, it’s so interesting. My teacher studied with galamian and also delay, so really interesting to read about him. :)

Connie Sunday said: Oct 8, 2010
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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It means a lot to me, too. I studied with three Galamian students:

[size=85]Richard Luby (Galamian student); University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Harotune Bedelian (Galamian student); University of California, Irvine
Robert Davidovici (Galamian student); University of North Texas [/size]

I didn’t have the privilege of studying with Mr. Luca (whom I think is another Galamian student—oddly, I don’t find him listed in Wickipedia) but when I was at Rice I paid very careful attention to his students and his recitals, and had some interaction with him.

I was at Manhattan School of Music in 1969, I think it was, and my friend from Tulsa, Maryanne Griffin, who was studying at Juilliard with Mr. Galamian, brought him to the MSM concert and introduced him to me at the break. So I had the pleasure of having met him socially, but not studying with him, unfortunately.

I keep Galamian’s book next to my chair where I teach and refer to it often.

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Jennifer Visick said: Oct 9, 2010
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This thread has got me thinking about our teaching “parents” and “grandparents”—(or teaching “pedigree” if you will)—I once sat down and tried to trace the teachers that my teachers studied with, and their teachers, and so on, back as far as I could go.

It’s an interesting exercise, to see who has influenced you indirectly when you probably didn’t even know it!

Connie Sunday said: Aug 2, 2013
Connie SundayViolin, Piano, Viola
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Yes, everyone likes doing that. My first violin teacher was an elderly gentleman who had immigrated to Kansas in a covered wagon, he told me. He did attend university, and he was also a popular “fiddle player” at dances, and he did luthiery—not making instruments, but repairing them and rehairing bows. Here’s an article about him:

He was a very dear person and I was very fond of him. He worked well into his ’90’s, in good health.

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