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Deanna said: Sep 9, 2010
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I was recently given a CD box set of Beethoven’s symphonies. I already have a copy of all his symphonies so I was thinking of using the box set as a prize in my studio. I’m trying to emphasize the importance of listening more in my studio this year so I’m hoping to come up with some kind of listening challenge. I’m having a hard time trying to think of a way where only one studnet could win the CD’s. This is where I need your help.

I was thinking of having a 100 day challenge. The first student who listens to their recordings every day for 100 days wins. But of course there could be several students who all make it at the same time. I’ve also introduced montly listening in my studio this year—each month I will be featuring a work outside of the Suzuki repertoire that I’ve asked the families to listen to every day for the month. September’s is Vivaldi’s Autumn from the Four Seasons. So I could possibly incorporate that listening into the challenge as well.

Anybody have ideas where only one student wins the prize? I’m finding it so hard to make a competition. Or do you suggest it not be competition at all? Any and all ideas are appreciated! Thanks!

Jennifer Visick said: Sep 9, 2010
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There are 9 symphonies, right? Why not have 9 winners?

You could have a musical easter egg hunt… or a musical scavenger hunt…

…Find 3 different recordings of Vivaldi’s “the four seasons” and describe how they sound different from each other.

… make a cd that has an unspecified number of non suzuki songs inserted in between the ‘normal’ suzuki repertoire. make the whole cd 1 huge track… they’re allowed to listen to it as many times as they need to in 1 week in order to discover the “different” songs… and they must be described or hummed identifiably to count as being “found”!

… listen to a classical radio station (there are streaming ones on the internet if there isn’t a local one in your area… our local one is—for at least 1 hour OR until you’ve heard a single piece of music all the way through (all movements)—whichever comes first. Write down how many different instruments (or voices) you heard.
(or, write down the different tempo changes that you heard. Or, write down the different emotions that you think go with the music you heard. Or, write down a series of dynamics as you heard them. or, videotape yourself doing interpretive dance to the music. etc., etc.)

… choose this month’s piece of music and input it into, and see what else comes out. write down all the different composers you heard in 1 hour of listening to pandora radio. (or, write down your favorite piece out of all the ones you heard on pandora). BONUS: What genre of music is this? How do you think pandora figures out “similar” pieces of music?

said: Sep 10, 2010
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How about awarding September’s winner Symphony #1, October #2, etc? Keeps the challenge going over time and spreads out the awards, too.

Or come up with smaller awards (certificates? trinkets?) for the listeners and enter their names in a raffle for the set with the winner drawn randomly. Hold the ceremony as part of a Beethoven’s Birthday Party play-in in December.

Deanna said: Sep 10, 2010
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Ooh! I love the idea of having a birthday party for Beethoven! Our Christmas recital is scheduled for Dec 18th so I could do it in conjunction with that. I could make December’s listening one of Beethoven’s pieces.

RaineJen, I love all your ideas too. I think I’ll have one for each month to go with the listening. I like the idea of a musical scavenger hunt. I did something like that over Christmas last year with some Suzuki songs, and some classical Christmasy songs with youtube links and a question about each.

Great ideas—thanks!

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