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said: Jul 26, 2010
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Does anyone know a good tuner that my parents could use online? Some of them are quite complicated and not free. I want a free and very easy to use one!!

Karra said: Jul 26, 2010
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This one works.

How to Use the Tuner
When you first load the tuner page, your browser should tell you that the applet is signed by Seventh String Limited and that the signature has been verified by a trusted source (Thawte in fact). You will need to click the “Run” or “Ok” or “Trust” button to allow the tuner to run. See “Security Issues” below if you want to know why this is necessary.

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Ruth Brons said: Aug 15, 2010
Ruth Brons
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There are many free online sites that will play reference pitches, such as
but the tuner that is included in the SmartMusic program [a wise investment of the $30 per year subscription for many reasons] is very useful to many of my students.
It responds instantly to pitch change, and the display is easy to read.
Learn more at

Best Wishes,

Ruth Brons
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