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Sara said: Jun 5, 2010
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Does anyone know what temperatures exactly are not good for the violin?
I don’t leave mine the hot car or the cold car, and I teach that to my students, but some of them are questioning me on it because of the inconvenience of it.

Am I overly cautious? Are there any resources of information on this?


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Michelle said: Jun 5, 2010
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I tell my students that if you wouldn’t be comfortable in that temperature for that length of time, then it’s not good for your violin either. Also, no direct sunlight as it’s bad for the varnish.

And if convenience is really that big of a deal, explain how inconvenient open seams are.

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said: Jun 5, 2010
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Not to hijack, but we have a couple of instruments we’re going to need to store long term. Usually, they live on the main floor of the house, which has the least temperature variation, but that really won’t be practical for this scenario. Will they be ok in the basement, which tends to be cool (and even cold in the winter) but quite humid?

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