Scholarships for Struggling Students?

Carlough said: Dec 3, 2009
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I guess the recession is beginning to hit my private studio. I have some really dedicated students whose Dad is out of work. They are planning to leave my studio in January if he doesn’t find work by then. Does anyone know of a resource that could help them? Obviously I could offer to teach them free-of-charge….and I may do that. I’m just wondering if there’s another option.

Sara said: Dec 4, 2009
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I once taught at a music store that had a scholarship fund. The sources were varied.
The store organized “scholarship recitals”. Those on scholarship were required to perform in this once a year. Other students not on scholarship were invited, but not required. Those who attended donated whatever amount they felt they could.
The store also had a box sitting on the counter titled “Scholarship Funds”. Random people could donate as much or as little this way and have it be anonymous.
You could do something similar in your studio.
Even though it is hard times for most people these days, I know of quite a few people that are not suffering economically and perhaps those in a comfortable situation would love an opportunity to help out in such a way. They just need to be asked.
Also, does this family have anything in the way of what they may trade? My sister and I cleaned houses for lessons as teenagers.
I love to quilt, but sewing the edges is not my favorite part, so I have arranged to trade with a student who can only afford half the tuition. So, she pays half and sews my quilt edges for the other half.
Another thing, the store where I taught ALWAYS had the student fill out an application for scholarship explaining why they needed it and their dedication to practice etc.
Good luck!

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