Pre-Twinklers in a Recital?

Anna said: Nov 3, 2009
Anna Burrell
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Hi Everyone,

I’m preparing my students for a Christmas recital in a month and am wondering what to do with my pre-Twinklers. I have three students in various stages of playing rhythms on open strings and they can do all the bow games/songs and Pop Goes the Weasel but we’re still working on fingers. Do I push for the Monkey Song or Hot Cross Buns? Is there a Christmas song or something else that goes along with a open A rhythm?

Additionally, I have one 5 yr old student who just started playing through Var. 1. I think she’ll be able to play for the recital, but how polished and comfortable should she be before performing? She’s the cautious shy type and I’m not sure she can make it through (esp. with piano acc.). But of course the parents can’t wait for her to play.


Jennifer Visick said: Nov 3, 2009
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Why not have them perform one of the pre-twinkle songs along with their “home teacher”? This will allow them to do something they are comfortable doing and will allow the audience to appreciate every stage of learning to play the instrument, from the very beginning.

-Jenny Visick-

Diane said: Nov 4, 2009
Diane AllenViolin
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Recitals are so fun! There is nothing that charms an audience more than Pre-Twinklers!

My Pre-Twinklers hold their posture while Book 1 Group kids perform songs together. Wherever they are in their posture is what they hold. 1 kid may just have their violin and feet in playing position. 1 kid may have a bow only. Some kids have their parents helping them out—some don’t.

The most recent thing learned is usually the first thing to dissappear at a recital. Only have Pre-Twinklers (as well as other students) display something that they truly can accomplish!

Here’s an example:

Videos of student violin recitals and violin tutorials.

Laurel said: Nov 5, 2009
Laurel MacCullochViolin
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My Pre-Twinklers generally don’t have their real violins yet. So we go on the stage and sing “This Is My Violin” (found in S. Kempter’s book Between Parent and Teacher, to the tune of Lightly Row). Or we might demonstrate Up Like a Rocket, or the “cup game” (passing a cup from bow tip to bow tip). We might also have them stand in playing position for a few moments, while the parents have a photo session!


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