Criteria for passing a book level test?

Aparna Asthana said: Oct 13, 2009
Aparna AsthanaViolin
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Hi what do teachers require of your kids who are at the end of book 1 violin in terms of passing it to get a “level certificate”? Do you require your kiddos to perform all the book 1 pieces in order at a special recital? Does the child have to reach a certain level of proficiency with book 1 pieces to be able to take the recital? What is your criteria for judging when a child is ready? Do you allow your childrent o work in book 2 while getting ready to take the book 1 recital??

I am curious bc my son is approaching that point and I wanted to know how teachers and parents deal with this situation. My son has worked very hard the last 2 years despite some challenges and I want this to be a positive experience for him not stressful. I would like some feedback on how you do things!

Sara said: Oct 13, 2009
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I don’t have a “test”. But I do have general points they have to know before moving on to book 2:

1.They need to have book one songs memorized and the hard parts played easily and mostly in tune.

  1. They need to be able to march and play to every song on beat and easily. (Not all in one lesson. This is done along the way).

  2. All basic posture techniques under control: Bow hand, violin hand.(which hopefully happened way back in twinkles or early book one, but sometimes that’s not the case with transfer students.)

Ultimately I want them to be excited about moving ahead, not scared. If the preparation is happening all the way from day one, they should be well ready.

Good luck!

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said: Oct 13, 2009
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One of my children’s teachers insisted on a Book Recital through book 8, and these were A Big Deal for all of the kids in the studio, even the teens. Many people came to support the kid and celebrate with him/her. The teacher really emphasized review along the way, so the pieces were all pretty much current, and the recital mostly involved polishing up the details. Pieces were expected to be in tune, in time, memorized and performed with appropriate musicality for the level.

It was only a little stressful and not a “test” at all (although if it became obvious at the recital that something needed some extra work, she’d put that on the front burner while still going ahead with the material in the new book). Now that my D is preparing for college auditions, she feels like she has the “process” mastered because of all the recital prep she did as a kid.

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