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Sara said: Sep 30, 2009
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I am wondering if it is most common for teachers to require that their students are a member of the Suzuki Association of their state? Or do you just let it be up to them?

How do you inspire them to become a member?

I explain benefits, cost, etc. I frequently mention it, but so far no one has signed up.

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Jennifer Visick said: Sep 30, 2009
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Because the organization that runs our group classes is a chapter of the local county organization, and that organization is in turn a branch of the state organization, it is a default requirement that suzuki families in our group classes be members of the local branch organization, and thus, the state organization as well.

They do provide a semi-regular newsletter, and large-scale annual graduation concerts, and scholarships to the local summer institute (which they also run), etc.

Elizabeth said: Oct 1, 2009
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I found that including the cost of the Suzuki membership in your yearly registration fees works wonderfully! I charge a very inexpensive $35 a year registration fee, and $30 of it goes for the Suzuki membership. I print up the forms and fill them out for the parents and send them in. Before, when I did not make this mandatory, parents would complain and just not do it. Now that it is included in the registraion fee, I have not had one parent complain. This will be my third year of registering parents and most seem to enjoy it! (I even had a mom bring her Suzuki Journal with her to the last lesson and share with me her favorite three articles!)


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