Adding weight to Foam-a-lin

said: Jul 8, 2009
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Hi, as I’m a parent I posted this in the parent forum, but thought the teachers might have some additional feedback.

We have been pre-twinkling with a Foam-a-lin. It’s been quite nice, except the Foam-a-lin is of course quite lighter than a real violin and it’s time to get used to the weight of the real deal. Does anyone have any clever ideas for weighting the Foam-a-lin so it feels more like a real violin?

From the parents forum, someone suggested a beanbag shoulder rest. That’s a nifty idea, but it applies weight directly over the shoulder—not quite like a real violin.


Laurel said: Jul 14, 2009
Laurel MacCullochViolin
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You could make the beanbag a “chinrest” instead. You could also attach a cake of rosin onto the “scroll” with an elastic band.


Jennifer Visick said: Jul 14, 2009
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[stolen from an SAA journal article by a guitarist—originally an idea for counting repetitions]

For gradually getting heavier, I’m not sure if this would work (since I don’t recall how heavy each plastic monkey is)—go to a toy store and get a “Barrel of Monkeys” and start hanging them off the “scroll” one at a time until they reach the floor.

said: Jul 17, 2009
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Great ideas! I’ve been using a strawberry huller held in place with a yellow set of plastic tweezers (like the kind you’d get in a bug kit or something). The strawberry huller is cute, but the whole setup is a little awkward and too heavy for my daughter. The monkeys sound like a lot more fun.

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