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Linda said: Jun 17, 2009
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Goodmorning to whomever is out there. I have a general question about Book 9 and 10.
At several institutes I have attended I have heard different things regarding graduation and know that different people, even those leading institutes choose to do things differently rather than going directily through both books. I have heard that some choose between Book 9 or 10 and others substitute other material. Would anyone like to put in their input? I am also trying to find out if it is politically correct within the SAA guidlines to choose one or the other or subsititute.

Thank you for your input,

Linda, [javascript protected email address]

Connie Sunday said: Jun 17, 2009
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I wouldn’t worry about what’s “politically correct,” but rather, what’s really best for the student. I can’t speak for everyone, but I personally don’t know of any teacher, that by the time the student reaches the Mozart concerti, the student is only doing Suzuki books.

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Laura said: Jun 18, 2009
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I can’t speak for violin, but the equivalent in piano would be Book 6 and 7. These days, only a very young advanced student (say 9 or younger at that level), whose reading is still significantly behind that level, would still “only” be doing Suzuki material. And even then, they might still have other repertoire going on, on the side.

But once they’re playing Mozart piano sonatas and other mainstream repertoire at the Book 6/7 level in piano, there is honestly no reason why it must be from the Suzuki book, or why they can’t play other repertoire of equivalent playing level. I would tend to only stick to the Suzuki books at that level for the various “miscellaneous” pieces that, in my honest opinion, form an excellent learning foundation albeit based on Baroque and Classical. I would see a need to supplement with mainstream repertoire from Romantic, Impressionistic and 20thC. as they become musically and technically ready. The older the student by this stage, the more likely they are ready for this. (For some reason, the idea of 7-year olds playing Chopin, no matter how prodigious, doesn’t really cut it for me.)

João Marcos said: Jan 4, 2014
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I’m sorry if it’s too late to revive this topic, but I was searching about choosing either Suzuki 9 or 10 for violin. My teacher told me I can choose aiming to initiate studying another things earlier. So it’s what I am going to do.

But the thing is: which one should I choose? I heard both, and liked them (I think) equally. Is there any benefit that one has and the other does not?

Community Youth Orchestra said: Jan 6, 2014
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IMHO, Mozart’s fourth concerto is more difficult to play well than the fifth. The fourth has more intonation challenges and exposed technical passages, while the fifth is a bit more “tuneful” especially considering the first movements. I love both works, but I generally have my students do the fifth concerto before they tackle the fourth one.

I seem to recall reading that the SAA released a list of corresponding level works to explore (including the good stuff by Fritz Kreisler) that you should check out. Does anyone have that link? I don’t remember it off the top of my head…

Jennifer Visick said: Jan 6, 2014
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Laura said: Jan 10, 2014
Laura Mozena
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I didn’t learn the Mozart Concertos until college. My Suzuki teacher considered me graduated after book 8 and i learned the Mendelssohn Concerto instead.

Bethany said: Feb 28, 2014
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Why is the Mozart No. 3 G major not there (for violin). Does anyone know? When I was growing up, that was the usual first Mozart concerto with which most students started.

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